Donald Trump cameo cut from airing of "Home Alone 2".

The Canadian Broadcasting Company recently aired the 1992 movie Home Alone 2: Lost In New York. One scene that was noticeably missing from the broadcast was a cameo appearance by real estate tycoon Donald Trump. In response to outrage over the cut, the network said that several scenes were cut from the broadcast to make room for more commercials and that removing Trump from the movie was not politically motivated. In support of this statement, the CBC noted that the cuts were made in 2014 before Trump started his presidential campaign.

“Sorry, Don, it’s just business,okay? You just weren’t pulling in the ad revenue we needed.”

Were you trying to make a point or something? Because there’s no point to be made.

As much as I’d love to snarkily point out the title of this forum, the point seems obvious to me.

The clip was clearly a unessential scene cut for time in a movie aired in a completely different country, yet Trump supporters still got offended on behalf of Trump’s fragile ego.

So how does Kevin find the lobby in this version?

He’s a smart kid. He figured out how to defeat two burglars in the original movie. For Kevin, finding a hotel lobby on his own, is child’s play. :wink:

Note the name of this forum. It was mundane and pointless and I felt like sharing it.

The Don himself is tweeting about. Accuses Trudeau of having ordered it, as payback for … something.

An excellent point.

Which means that it doesn’t belong in MPSIMS.

In addition, the cut was made years ago along with several other cuts but Trump and many of his more ignorant supporters are being butthurt little crybabies about it only now. It’s interesting.

Fox News host apologises for calling the cut “ censorship” , but still says it’s “stupid”.

Donny Dipshit in Da House!