Donald Trump is turning liberals into conspiracy theorists

Conclusion: “By embracing every single tweet or whisper as yet another piece of full-proof evidence of just how terrible Republicans are, Democrats run the risk of appearing like the boy who cried wolf to the public – and in the process taking some steam out of the very legitimate questions they are asking about the Trump administration.”

According to snopes, point 3 is a mix of true and false. People can get denied due to the complications of sexual assault, but not assault itself.

I can’t speak for the other 3 claims.

Considering that many on the right thought that Michelle Obama was a guy, that the Clinton’s murder people, that Obama was born in Kenya, etc. if they best those same people can come up with is ‘there was no beer at the AHCA celebration’ then that is a pretty damning testament to how the two sides participate in dishonesty.

Liberal lies - there was beer when there wasn’t beer
Conservative lies - The president was born in a foreign country, married a tranny and his secretary of state is a serial killer

It’s a surprise to me that Chris Cillizza thought that Michelle Obama was a guy. Cite?

I said many on the right, didn’t say Chris Cillizza personally. I have no idea what CTs he believes.

Yawn. I will agree that we liberals must be careful about propagating bullshit, but I haven’t even heard of two of those conspiracy theories (#1 & #4) mentioned in the article. (And the other two I didn’t pay much attention to.)

Add another CT: the amazing “timing” of the Comey firing that supposedly came hours after the issuance of grand jury subpoenas to Flynn associates.

Of course, the subpoenas were issued weeks ago.

Aren’t you citing a fake new source? Must be making some kind of joke, then, eh Pepe?

What I’ve heard so far from the right:

“Waaaaah! Clinton fired the FBI director tooooooooooooo!” Well, Clinton fired the FBI director for ethics violations, the misuse of public funds.

“But Democrats wanted him fired for stealing the election from Hillary!” Yes, we did. But that was then. Now we’re expected to believe that Cheeto is suddenly interested in fair play for Hillary while Candidate Cheeto was all for Comey’s interference.

How can anyone with multiple brain cells not know that this firing was not for the reasons cited? They want to kill the Russia investigation. The new director will be a toady (someone like Christie) who will slow the investigation to a crawl. The idea is to handcuff the investigation. If you think it’s because Comey was unfair to Hillary, I believe you’ve got the wrong end of the stick.

Hell, absent the diligence of amateur investigative journalists like the OP, I wouldn’t even know what I and my fellow liberals are thinking most of the time.

I, for one, am shocked to find that there are wackadoo theories on both ends of the political spectrum. Thank heavens there is someone to enlighten us.

There have always been left-wing conspiracy theories, some true and some not. Iran-Contra started as one. JFK is popular with all sides. October Surprise.

Alternative thread title:

Trump makes Liberals take steps in the direction of where Conservatives have made their home.


Are they trying to say “fool-proof?” What the hell is that?

Did Joan Rivers begin that rumor, or was she joking about an existent rumor?

Yeah, that one couldn’t work, because we know that the wheels were turning to fire Comey a week or two before he was actually fired, giving them time to put together the trumped-up justification.

Oh wait…

Conservatives spent the last eight years on insane conspiracy theories ranging from Obama’s birthplace to a million Benghazi hearings and now they control the government. Maybe they’re on to something.

Yeah, crazy CT:

Trump told NBC’s Lester Holt: “And in fact when I decided to just do it, I said to myself, I said ‘you know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made-up story, it’s an excuse by the Democrats for having lost an election that they should have won’.”

Yeah, his firing of Comey had nothing to do with any sort of Russian investigation. It was all about his handling of Clinton’s emails. :smack:

The problem with conspiracy theories is that too often, people take a tiny bit of evidence (“aluminum melts at a high temperature!”) and use it to try to overturn a massive amount of evidence (9/11 was executed by Al Qaeda) to support a conspiracy theory (9/11 was planned by the US government).

The problem isn’t that there are theories about conspiracies. The world has plenty of real live conspiracies in it. People plan them all the time; police bust them up all the time.

In this case, there is plenty of evidence suggesting that there may have been a conspiracy between the Russian government and some American citizens to influence the US election in an illegal fashion. This isn’t anutbar fake-moon-landing conspiracy, this is an FBI-is-investigating-it conspiracy.

Now. Have there been some claims on the left that are inaccurate or proven false? Sure. Just as the world is full of conspiracies, the world is also full of fake news and overactive imaginations. I absolutely support correcting falsehoods and misunderstandings when they come out–but if you try to use a few falsehoods to impugn the investigation of an incredibly corrupt president, you’re going too far.

Your post had nothing to do with the “crazy CT” that I posted.

They are kissing cousins.

What about post #15?