Donald Trump's Wealth Creation Summit

I was invited to hear Donald Trump speak tomorrow, but I have to work. Anyway, according to his invitation, if I attend I will learn how to:

  1. Regularly buy real estate for 31%-57% below value

  2. Find income producing properties

  3. Slash capital gains tax to “0” when I sell real estate, stocks, or my business

  4. Lower my current tax bill up to 31%

  5. Cash in on foreclosures

  6. Protect 100% of my personal assets from all lawsuits, liens, levies, bankruptcy, or even a divorce.

  7. Get govt. approved investments guaranteeing 9.6% to 32% return.

While I welcome speculation about how he intends to do this, I wonder if anyone has already attended this and can just tell us the answer? Or if someone has his book, Trump Style Negotiation, perhaps the answer can be looked up?

In particular,

I’d like to buy real estate for 57% below value, but I prefer to buy new properties.

I’d like to slash my capital gains tax to zero when I sell stock.

I’d like to lower my tax bill 31% (perhaps this is the last item?)

I’d like to protect 100% of my assets from lawsuits / divorce.

And is there really an investment “guaranteeing” 9.6% to 32% return?

Well, I found his book out on Amazon:

I don’t suppose anyone here has read it already?

Sure there is. It involves issuing loans where the default penalty is “Vinny breaks your fuckin’ knees.”