Donating an old car?

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I have a '91 Toyota Celica that broke an engine rod. It still turns on, but I doubt it could make it down the block. It’s probably only good for parts. I’m considering donating it to charity, but I don’t know if it’s something they would even be interested in. Does anyone know of a charity that would take a car like this and put it (in some way) to good use?

Lots of places will. See this thread.

I went with Volunteers of America, since they had a good charity rating. I think they’ll take anything. I also considered the (I think) Kidney Foundation, but they sounded pickier about what they would accept, and my car had so many problems, I was afraid they wouldn’t take it (One major thing like a broken engine rod you could at least ask them, unlike a laundry list of problems).

With lots of other charities, a large percentage of donations don’t go to helping people.

Call the local salvage yard. They will generally come and carry away a klunker for you. My neighbor at the lake just had three hauled away last month and he was thinking that they could take them for nothing and found that the salvage company gave him $75.00 each. and most klunkers are worth much more but this was a 60 mile round trip.
Take any cash you get for it and donate it to your favorite charity.:slight_smile:
Or offer it for sale as is for parts and donate that money.

I don’t know your area (obviously), but in my city, there’s an initiative that takes former drug addicts now clean and other people with problem pasts that need a third, fourth etc. chance, and teaches them electronics skill by taking apart , if possible, repairing, otherwise, recycling, electronics given to the city’s Wertstoffhöfe (Waste resource yards). This gives them a stable job, skills that may enable them to find a job elsewhere, and a social worker to help them cope with life in general.

If a local charity in your area has a similar model with cars, or your local high school craft shop teacher offers this to disadvantaged kids on the weekends, then an old car that can either be taken apart for parts or repaired to have a working car for weekend trips would be just the right thing.

I donated one to a well-known local charity once. They took ten weeks to come pick it up, and in the mean time I got two parking tickets for it. (It was legally parked, but they wanted to re-surface the street, and the car wouldn’t start. Both times the charity promised to have it moved before the resurfacing date.) they did finally come get it, and I saw it int heir fixit shop.

About a year and a half later I got a summons and a claim from a neighboring state. Apparently the car had been in an accident there, and as the last registered owner I was being held responsible for the damage.

I eventually beat the charges (about $1800.00 a fortune to me at the time) but not without missing a great deal of work to go fight it.