donating blood - why the finger instead of the earlobe?

When I first started donating blood, the Red Cross took a drop of blood from my finger. Then, for a time, they took the drop from my earlobe. Now they’re back to the finger.

Why the finger instead of the earlobe?

Another problem involved a test used to see if donors are at risk for developing anemia after giving blood, the FDA said. Although the test usually is done by extracting blood from a finger, the Red Cross used an unusual ear lobe puncture–even years after the organization had evidence that the ear lobe test was inaccurate, the FDA said.

Right here:

I wonder this too.

I gave last night and was talking with the nurses about all of the stupid BS that HIPAA has brought us. Now they have to keep your little sheet in a folder and, get this, they MAIL you a t-shirt in a plain envelope. Seems letting you walk out with one somehow violates your privacy.

Last, when I sarcastically mentioned that they still have all the photos on the wall with people’s names and how much each donated that it might be revealing personal info they got all quiet and sort of scared and made a call to the local Red Cross office to find out if they had to take the pictures down.

HIPAA is the biggest crock ever…

I’m surprised that they don’t make you walk out wearing a long sleeved shirt, since the visible bandage would seem to violate the privacy as well.

My next donation will get my picture on the wall. I’m gonna wear a t-shirt from Six Feet Under (the death metal band not the show) that has a Paul Booth drawing of a head sawed in half with the brain exposed and probes going into the skull (complete with the standard compliment of dripping blood). It is going to look soooo beautiful on the wall next to all the ‘nice’ people.

Ear lobes hurt less but they are hard to get to, what with hair and all…there are glucometers that read off blood taken from a forearm, but they are not yet widely used.

It has to do with the quality of the blood. The sample is much better from the finger. Not the middle one, HA!

Save a Life, Give Blood!

Because if they used the earlobe, I’d probably get all turned on and it would lead to an uncomfortable situation for everyone.

So what happens if you get your ear pierced?

Best way to get repeat business, eh?