Donation receipts by proxy?

I don’t really know what else to call it, and Google’s not been my friend on this.

As a not necessarily hypothetical example, assume I work for MegaCorp and am also associated with a non-profit entity. I may or may not be a member, but I happen to know that they’re in need of stuff. If I solicit and obtain donations of tangible things for the NP’s use, can I send a donation receipt/letter from MegaCorp?

In other words, if I line up a donation, can I kick off a letter to the donor for their taxes? Something like:

*Dear $Donor,

Thank you for your donation of $Stuff to $Group.


A Nice Guy At

Just wondering, as I have wrangled donations for various groups and I’d like to ensure that the donors get some sort of acknowledgement that they can use for their taxes as it’s my experience that some groups are better than others at sending out receipts.

I believe it needs to come directly from the organization benefiting from the donation, on their letterhead outlining the value or goods in kind and stating what portion, if any, is tax-deductible.

I don’t think it would be out of line for you to follow up on the thank-you letter with the NP’s administration if you are involved in the NP and put effort into securing the donation.