Don't ask for medical/legal advice here, please

This is already covered in the GQ rules thread, where it states:

I’m posting it here as its own sticky at the recommendation of one of the Teeming Millions, who made the good point that people don’t seem to be noticing this rule.

The doctors and lawyers who are members of this board don’t have adequate information to give you valid diagnoses and recommendations. They may or may not practice in your area or have your particular problem as a specialty. For the most part, they also don’t work for free. This means any responses you get are going to be either “Contact a doctor/lawyer right away” or amateur guesswork.

So let’s bypass the guesswork, and preemptively ship you off to a professional!

Thanks for understanding and cooperating.

I have unstickied this thread, since we have revised the policy to permit legal and medical threads in IMHO.

See here.