Dont cry for me, young dude snowboarder

Yesterday as I was skiing. … er picking myself up from a nasty fall, I heard singing above me. I couldnt hear words really, just the impression of something musical. The chairlift was pretty empty except for a early teen snowboarder dude.

Yes he was singing. And it was from “Evita” as I determined when I got the snow out of my ears and skiied closer to the chair lift. The lift was stopped for ten minutes and he was singing tunes from “Evita” the whole time. And not “singing” as really projecting, as if he was going to audition.

Later on I saw him doing jumps and tricks, and hanging out with his friends, and not seeming to be in anyway “the weird dorky kid who sings show tunes”

I think if you are about 14years old, and a snowboarder, and still have the self assurance to sing Evita from a chairlift, you are pretty much set for life. Also he may have a career in music and /or theater, judging from his voice.