Don't know much about .... much

No, really. I don’t consider myself a very knowledgeable person. Average at best. I freely admit that just about anything to which I have posted a (correct) answer was looked up in various locations. My trouble seems to be selective memory. If the subject doesn’t involve computers, fishing or racing, chances are, when I try to recall it, poof, it’s gone. I’m curious as to whether some of the TM have employed any sort of “Improve Your Memory” programs or techniques and if you might recommend one. How they work, how it changed your life, that kind of thing.

BTW - I thought about posting this in the MPSIMS forum, but we all know the really smart people hang out here, don’t we?

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I did here a guy trying to sell a memory course once. the last example he used before answering questions was " When you meet Mr Kister, picture him kissing a chocolate kiss’ The first questioner stood up and said’I would like to introduce my wife,Mrs. Hershey.And I don’t want to picture any one kissing her!’ The whole crowd broke up and the guy didn’t sell any courses.(Honest) I did take a real good course once,but i forget what it is called.

Since I can’t speak for everyone else onthis board I can tell you that I personally don’t use any memory enhacement program. But most of the stuff discussed here is the type of stuff I enjoy so it does stick in my head and makes it easier to recall later.

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