Don't need help! No need to ID this SciFi story! Thanks anyhow!

All alone in the north woods, working at a Scout camp for a long middle school summer… nothing to read except one SF anthology. And the story I read over and over was … The Machine Stops by E. M. Forester.

Haunting at the time, and just as evocative when I looked it up forty years later (Yeah, hope you don’t mind that I didn’t need your help, but I figured you get a lot of requests and might appreciate the rare case where you don’t have to rack your brain).

It holds up well, and I was surprised that it was written in 1909… and that other people had read it, too! Found a number of discussions of it, a free e-book, and a fairly decent Librivox recording.

How bout you? Any stories from your dim past that you’ve rediscovered… on your own, without us having to remember anything ourselves?

Oookay, if no one has a similar experience of reconnecting with a favorite story years later… feel free to close this. Or let it sink… (until someone replies to it in late 2011, not realizing they’re resurrecting a zombie).

OR, if you think I was making fun of people who post “Need to ID this story” threads, I apologize. I’ve enjoyed helping them in the past (or, usually, just looking up and reading the story when someone else has figured it out).

About a year and a half ago, I remembered a story I read in high school. It was Omega by Amelia Reynolds Long. I remembered parts of it very clearly, enough to realize suddenly it was a sci-fi ripoff of Poe’s The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar.