Don't really have anywhere else to ask about sex toys so I might as well ask here

Not shopping for them or how-to or anything. Sorry

So anyway, last night I was wasting time on Pinterest looking at quilts, and recipes, and Easter crafts. From there I thought about how much I like lop earred bunnies and decided to make a board that is just pictures of bunnies. So I typed “rabbit” in the search box.

Now, I was aware that “rabbit” is a style (or is it a brand?) of vibrator. However, it hadn’t occurred to me for even a second that pinterest people were making vibrator boards. Apparently they are.

Getting around to the question…

One that seems to be enjoying a lot of “repinning” is an image of one in its packaging which boldly declares that it’s “Internet Enabled.” What? Why?

I didn’t click though any of them and I’m not favorably disposed to search Google for “Internet Enabled Vibrator” on my work computer, or on the one I share with my 15 year old son.

So fight my ignorance, dear Dopers. What is that about?

Should this have been in GQ? Even though I suspect there is a factual answer I always feel like if I wouldn’t ask it at Thanksgiving I shouldn’t ask it there.

It’s for if you want someone else to control the settings online. Seems like more of a gimmick than something that would actually be fun to use.

If you’re video chatting with your love and you have your little internet-enabled toy inserted, and you say “ooh touch me there!” and they press a button and you get a little vibe and it makes your face go all squirmy, it’s a little more satisfying to both people than just imagining everything.

I took one for the team. You’re welcome.

Mrs. Duc has a rabbit, at the recommendation of her BFF years ago.
It is a vibrating dildo with a specific form factor different from the average. In addition to the long, phallic shape that is desired for vaginal penetration, there is also a smaller protrusion of various shapes and sizes that is designed to rest on or over the clitoris when the rest of the vibrator is inserted vaginally. The motor vibrating the whole contraption also vibrates the small, flexible “finger” for more direct clitoral stimulation. The small “finger” can be bent closer or farther away from the clitoris to vary the pressure and vibration desired.

Some models have several other features and capabilities, most notably speed, amplitude, and thrusting controls. Mrs. Duc’s has 4 different buttons and about 6 motors, and can only be operated by a pair of young engineering school students working together. She doesn’t seem to mind.:slight_smile:

Now to avoid the crowds, or the inability to squeeze as much functionality out of your Rabbit as possible, Great Engineering Minds have come up with the internet-enabled Rabbit, so that your partner who is away on business can have control of your hoo-ha any old time.:wink:

Yep, plug that puppy in to the USB port, insert as directed, and let your sweetie control the speed and intensity of your stimulation while your hands squeeze and stroke your soft, milky…nevermind.

I see great applications for an interactive website. Sex Ed class? Let’s get real! Let little Bobby take a turn at the dials. Crank it to 11 and watch Ms. Wilson scream!:eek:

Webcams take on a whole new arena. Misty doesn’t have to follow your directions (at 8 bucks a minute) any more. No, you’re in control, Misty’s hands are free, and you’re now paying 12 bucks a minute!.

What a country!

Well, now I know. Thanks.

I don’t think I would ever have guessed that.

Heh…that’s the cover story. The truth is that it enables the government to track your self gratification.
To protect our freedom and all…

Oh, get real. The government has been screwing us since long before this thing came out.

There’s an app for that.

App smear?

Better get a T1 line. Otherwise, buffering could lead to frustration.

Just make sure you don’t get any viruses.

If ever there was a QOS requirement…

But if your accessing the net on a Mac, to use the vibrator, you’ll need to have yourself fitted with an an iVagina.

There once was a girl with a Rabbit,
who developed an internet habit,
of letting some boys
take control of her toys,
and delaying her climax, dag-nabit! :smiley:

You guys have relieved my regret for posting this thread. I love this place!

How **YOU **doin’?