Don't send me to Target with a credit card.

Yesterday I made an officially sanctioned (by my girlfriend) trip to Target to pick up a food processor, and I honestly intended to just make it a quick in-and-out thing. A half an hour and a bit over six hundred dollars later I emerged from the store with the food processor, a wand-type hand blender (with spice mill and wire whisk attachments), a pack of rubber spatulas and measuring spoons, a stand mixer (with flat beater, whisk, and dough hook blades), Ron Popiel’s countertop rotisserie thingy (compact model), a digital meat thermometer, a candy thermometer, a microwave, and a toaster.

While I was unpacking and setting everything up my girlfriend got a look at the receipt, and promptly added Target to the list of Places Exgineer Is Not Allowed To Go By Himself. I initially thought the ban was a rather harsh overreaction, but after some sober reflection I think she’s probably right. Considering the damage I did in Housewares I probably would have spent the next three month’s mortgage payments if I’d made it to Electronics. I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to my fate, and take solace in the knowledge that our kitchen is just that much closer to being fully equipped.

I still think I should have picked up that rice cooker though.

Did ya’ know that Target has their OWN credit card? That’s a bad, bad thing.

And, yes, I speak from personal experience. Why do you ask?

Well, I haven’t been banned by my husband yet, but I’m getting close. I have to go to Target at least once a week. But, I can’t just go for one thing and leave with that one thing. I always leave with a couple of bags full of stuff. I’m a little more careful when my husband is with me, though.

Exgineer, as you probably know, we’re getting a new one in Latham which opens in October. Do we really need 3 Targets?? It’s like an alcoholic having a new liquor store open in his neighborhood. I don’t know why we need one there, since the one on Wolf Road is just one more exit off the Northway. But, if they build it, I will come[/Field of Dreams]. :smiley:

For Ex : :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you for paying a good chunk of my bills this month. (I’ve worked for Chez Target for 20 years.)

Ex look at it this way. Angelpants is probably wise to maintain a list of places you can’t go without supervision. See, sometimes being coupled up is a good thing. It can help keep ya out of debt.

On the other hand, if I were all partnered up like, I foresee a large list of Places Swampbear Is Not Allowed To Go By Himself.

The list would include, but not be limited to:

Tractor Supply Store
Ace Hardware
PP&G Hardware
All Other Stores With The Name Hardware In It
Warehouse Liquors
Lighthouse Liquors
Alvin’s Package Store
All Other Stores With The Name Of Liquor Or Package In It
Bruno’s Supermarket
Taylor’s Meat Market
Mike’s Country Store (The meat is incredible!)
All Other Markets That Will Hand Cut Meats To My Specification
AJ’s Oyster Bar
Putney Oyster Bar
Nab’s Tavern
Willard’s Bar
Break Time Pub
Lee Pub
All Other Places With The Name Of Bar, Tavern, Or Pub Where The Beer Is Ice Cold On Tap
And Etc.

It’d be a dull life but I’d have more money. :smiley:

So, didja get the KitchenAide mixer? It has all kinds of accessories, ya know. Like a meat grinder and sausage stuffer! If ya didn’t you need to take that one back and get a KitchenAide.

Why yes, I do know my way around a kitchen. Why do you ask?

You’ve heard of The Dollar Store? They should just rename Target “The Hundred Dollar Store”.

Did you need all that stuff, or did it just look bright and shiny on the shelf? :smiley:

I’m not allowed to go into Michael’s alone. And I’ve been known to frown disapprovingly at Ivylad as we go by Best Buy.

(sigh) I am not allowed to go to Target again until I have money again. I am within $60 of my monthly budget, and cannot go to Target and spend less than $75…

I always seem to be going to Target for various-sized storage containers. However, when I’m there, I somehow find myself filling whatever-sized container I buy with all sorts of other things–a shower curtain, candles, garden tools, a serving platter, CDs, a small rug, a large box of something for a really good price, a new gizmo or whatits that looks cool even if I never use it (and I never do), and all sorts of other doodads. Of course, the whole reason I’m buying a storage container is to clear away some of the clutter, and yet I’m buying new clutter, which means I’m engaging in self-defeating activities. Anyone care to analyze that?

But they have so many different sizes and kinds of storage containers!!! For cheap…and they even give you the top for free!!! I bought two there yesterday myself.

Yes, it’s an obvious subliminal plot by the evil masterminds of Target to subdue humanity and take over the world. Looks like they’ve already got most of the rock stars from the 80s if you’ve listened to their commercials.

We actually need all that stuff. Not in a life-or-death way, of course, but we needed everything. Except maybe that Ronco thing, but I got it for her anyway so she’d finally shut up about it.

It is indeed a KitchenAid mixer Bumbazine, and the the little booklet describing the various available attachments stirred some mild interest around here. Not that anything is going to happen, because I’m not allowed to do anything without asking. My list looks just like swampy’s if you substitute “gun shop” for the meat places.

The thing about Latham, Nutty Bunny is that I think the powers that be have decided that they absolutely must have one of every kind of store there is. So of course you need a Target.

Now are you folks talking about regular Target or Super Target??

Your problem Ex, is you did it wrong. Instead of getting all that stuff at once, you should have just gotten the food processor you went in for, and then one or two extra things. Like the rubber spatulas and measuring spoons. Maybe even the hand-type mixer. BUT STOP THERE! I mean, it’s Target. You’re going back soon. If you pick up one or two “extras” everytime, you could have your kitchen kitted up before Angel Pants (the girl) ever even noticed.

That’s the way I do it anyway.

This go-for-one-thing-buy-twenty phenomenon wasn’t so bad when Target was equivalent to KMart or Wal-Mart. But now that Target is Tarjay, it’s gotten out of hand. They’ve gone from selling stuff you really need to stuff you sorta need and really want.

I limit myself to one Target run a month and pray to get out having spent less than $100.

BTW, Swampbear, no woman in her right mind would ban you from the grocery store. If you’re willing to go for me, you can spend as much as you want!

We don’t have Targets up here - but I have spent near $1000 at Canadian Tire in the last week.
In 5 seperate visits.

The trick to surviving a trip to Tarjay (or any other store, for that matter), is to leave the plastic at home, and go in with cash only. When you’re genetically predispositioned to spending as little cash as possible like I am, it’s easy to walk in to a place like that, and then walk out with only the items you were looking for.

I also refuse to take VunderWife with me to the grocery store, because of her legendary ability to stuff the cart with unnecessary items. With her along a trip inside for a single $4 gallon of milk costs me $20 :smack:

Oh, yes, I understand. Once I went into Target with the knowledge that I’d just gotten paid, there were no big bills on the horizon, and I decided that I’d just get all the little things I wanted around the place and treat myself to a few extras - a couple of CDs or a video or something.

Three hundred dollars later, it occurred to me that I should probably not do such things very often. Kind of hard on the bank account.

I think we should all look for a boyfriend for swampy so he’ll be less broke. And he can send the extra money to me.

Ex, you have a KitchenAid. Marry me.

swampy, your list looks much like DogDad’s. Only he’s also not allowed to go here or here unsupervised either. Then he signed up for their catalogs. It does make his “Christmas Wish List” much easier to compile. He just hands everyone a catalog. “Pick something.”