Don't sled dogs need water?

On Survivorman last night, Les Stroud was in the Labardor wilderness with a team of huskies. They showed a lot of footage of him interacting with the dogs, feeding them raw caribou, tying them down for the night, etc. But never once did they show him giving them water. I imagine they must need a lot of water. (My akitas drink a lot and all they do is lay around the house.) Did the watering just get edited out?

Well, I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me they’re constantly surrounded by a form of frozen water. Perhaps they just eat snow when they’re thirsty.

My only experience is being on a weeklong dogsledding trip, but when the dogs were in their kennel they were fed a soupy mix of boiled chicken parts and high-test dogfood in water at least twice a day. On the trail they frequently took mouthfulls of snow, and their food consisted of a twice-daily broth of water, suet, dry dog food (some kind of special high-fat mix), and whatever leftovers there were from the humans. They did not get any plain water on the trail that I recall - the only snow/ice we melted for them went into their food bucket.

The high-protein, high-fat diet on the trail (different from their ‘at home’ diet) meant that they had loose stools and really rank farts the whole time. And they don’t stop running to poop - they sort of hunch/squat and spray a three or four foot stripe, which the following dogs take care to run around.

and if given water how long before it froze?