Don't tell me what I mean!

I am sick of people telling me what I mean just because their small minds cannot comprehend that I intended to say what I did. ASSHOLES. How can anyone cure ignorance if people have their mind so tightly shut that they can’t conceive of someone having their own ideas? These small minds are so small that if I says something that is not in the script, they enforce their narrow perceptions down my throat by telling me what I mean. GET BENT!

If I make an obvious spelling or puntuation error and am corrected, no big deal, as long as the person doing is correct. I know I make mistakes, this post is most likely loaded with them. BUT when they use that ugly phrase “You must mean this!” then I wish they would lose the power of speech and typing for a few days or at least as long as it takes for them to start to listen.

And while I am here, Why was my post deleted? It was the truth, nothing more briefly stated.

I’m sorry, but did you mean to tell us all what a cool bunch we are? Thanks!

link, man, link.

You must mean that you don’t like reduplicative feedback on your posts. I think it would have been clearer if you had told us that you do not enjoy seeing either conjectures as to your true intent or arguments with a position that you have not taken that is attributed to you.


You must mean that the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. Or perhaps that you like green eggs and ham?

I get annoyed when this happens too.

Why don’t you give us a link to a couple of the posts that you are talking about so we can make fun of the people who didn’t understand your post.

Well, it is not simply here that it happens. I would be rich if i had a dollar for evertime I spell my name and the person i am telling corrects me!

How the heck do you link individual comments?

Can’t link individual posts, have to link the whole thread. What post of yours was deleted? Or was it a whole thread? Inquiring minds want to know.

P.S. I frequently say, “You must mean this”, because the person I am talking to didn’t make himself clear, so in order to be able to converse with him, I earnestly endeavor to puzzle out his meaning. I’d think that most people would be grateful I made the effort, when I could have just shrugged, hit the Back button, and gone on to some other, clearer, more rewarding thread.

lee: Did you see The Opposite of Sex?

Lucia: “Lucia. Loo-chee-yah. Lucia. …Excuse me, I think I know how to pronounce my own name!”

I did not see that one.

I have been corrected though in how to pronounce my own name. I have been told that my name is Lynn or Lisa or other various more feminine names. I have been told that i should spell my name Leigh. I respond, no, it is l-e-e, as in Bruce Lee.