Don't The Holidays Suck?

Maybe my should change my handle to “Eeyore” for this post. But, do you find that the holidays just suck? And, New Years tops it all off with a chance to benchmark another year of failures and things that will never be. You just chuck the whole holiday season, IMHO. - Jinx

Maybe I should change my handle to “Eeyore” for this post. But, do you find that the holidays just suck? And, New Years tops it all off with a chance to benchmark another year of failures and things that will never be. You can just chuck the whole holiday season, IMHO. - Jinx

Thank you Jinx! I can do without the holidays my own self!
lets say it together, aa one,two,three-"baah humbug"

Ooooh! I love the holidays. But it does take a little effort to get into the swing of things.

In 1969 I was alone on New Year’s Eve and feeling really sorry for myself. I sat on my front steps pouting and thinking of all the happily married couples who would always have a date for New Year’s. I didn’t know it at the time, but my front steps overlooked the yard of a really neat guy who lived through the block. We didn’t meet until sixteen years later. Then we were married the following year – on New Year’s Day.

Stupid Christmas songs about how I’m supposed to be kissing people under the mistletoe, and snuggling by the fire, and so on. Clearly, I’m NOT supposed to bitchy and lonely and depressed, and going to my stupid, awful job, which is how I’m planning on spending the holidays.

AND, I HATE shopping. Yeah, I know, I’m an embarrassment to womankind. I’m supposed to love shopping. I’m supposed to get up at four in the morning, to go line up outside the mall, so I can go do my Christmas shopping. I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing, because the commercials told me so. I’m half inclined to not do any christmas shopping at all this year, but I can’t bring myself to be quite that much of a grinch.

And, oh, here comes New Years, johnny on the spot to remind me that I shot my life to hell this year. Thanks, I needed that.

The holidays can kiss my ass. Under the mistletoe.

I have no use for any holidays including xmas, New Years, birthdays, Halloween… I find them irritating and useless. I try to keep it to myself though because I don’t want to be a buzzkill.


I’ve started thinking that Christmas would be a lot more meaningful if it was celebrated every other year instead.

If we’re gonna do that why don’t we just make it every 4 years like the Olympics?

Like the Olympics are meaningful.

Yeah, the holidays are great! Cranky drivers, packed stores, bankruptcy, astronomical credit card debts. Reflection on the entire year, and the lack of sucesses that it entailed, not to mention how fast it flew by.

And then to top off all the money spending, we get our property taxes that we oh so joyfully must pay. Even though we spent most of our money on christmas presents and forgot to plan ahead and save money for tax season. Humbug indeed.

This one did.

I was just commenting to a cow-orker that at some point in the recent past, I was transformed into Scrooge Grinch.

I still remember when the holidays were a magical time.

The magic is gone. Commercials remain.

Perhaps the holidays would still have some meaning if they didn’t start hitting us over the head with them in freeking September!

Bah. And Bah again.

This one did and Christmas is looking to be worse. :frowning:

January 2nd, bring it on.

I hate…

Christmas music.
Christmas lights.
Everybody fake-kissing like they’re your best friends.
Buying presents for people I don’t give a crap about.
Christmas music.
Christmas lights.
Wrapping presents, what’s wrong with the bag it came in?
Peace on earth (yeah, like that’ll ever happen)

Bah humbug, to all of it!

Oh, I can. I bought my husband the very cheap and affordable TV he wanted today, and that’s it for me. Nobody is getting anything from me.
I tell them it’s because I’m poor, but it’s realy because I don’t care.

I don’t like New Year’s Eve (vastly overrated, and always a disappointment) but I do like Christmas. This year is the first Christmas in recent memory that I have NOT had my dissertation hanging over my head, so I am embracing the season and all its cliches and traditions with arms outstretched.

I think it is up to us to make holidays meaningful. I apoligize for annoying the shit out of you with the “light a candle rather than curse the darkness” attitude, but if you don’t like Christmas you can always change the way you observe it. Being a grinch is one option, but you could always seek to create some different traditions for yourself. In my view, that would be preferable to being pissy every December for the rest of your life.

Some ideas: make only homemade gifts; spend Christmas day at a soup kitchen; research your family’s heritage and revive old-world traditions that no one celebrates here; turn off the TV for the month; use candlelight after 9 pm; make December your “spring cleaning” month; adopt a struggling family; make December a month where you try totally new foods and menus; choose a challenging book for your whole family to read and discuss; throw an annual “chill out” party where people can escape the holiday rush… the list goes on.

Oh, but it goes without saying, this being the pit you may certainly still rant away about the goddamn holidays. I’m just saying…

kiteboy’s tip for getting through the holiday season:

Avoid at all costs any references to the holidays until a couple of days before christmas, and again for the week after.

do NOT go into a shopping mall
do NOT watch tv
do NOT listen to the radio

I find that if I can avoid being bombarded with christmas advertising, shows, and muzak for 6-8 weeks, it’s a lot easier to enjoy a day or 3 with family & friends.

Otherwise, it’s the story of “How the Grinch went Postal”