Don't use newprofilepic for FB

## Russia is after YOUR personal data: Experts warn internet users not to download latest online craze New Profile Pic that hoovers up your details and sends them to Moscow

That’s OK, I used Putin’s picture. But I mirrored it. :slight_smile:

The permissions allow them pretty much full access.

I understand. Just joking,

What’s the stated reason for the app?

This is a pretty common scheme, I recall there was an App for Twitter that generated a “Twitter family tree” for you while also harvesting as much information from your account as possible. There’s no reason why an app that’s just applying an image filter should require any access to anything. Be mindful of these scams and just avoid these single-use apps that request way too many permissions.

Snopes has weighed in:

In short: the Daily Fail is living up to their nickname.

I feel the Snopes article buried the lead there. The fact it isn’t more invasive than other such apps doesn’t mean much, as these types of apps tend to all be quite invasive. They are developed primarily to get your information. The question is whether this particular app is actually cover for Russian intelligence gathering.

The important part is that the evidence that it was based in Russia appears to be false. Despite claims to the contrary, neither the domain (website) nor the company are registered in Russia.

Thanks. I was just about to ask if there were any other sources for this other than the Daily Mail.

AFAICT, almost everything leads back to them. The rest debunk the claim.

Well, just continues to affirm my knee-jerk reaction of immediately dismissing anything the Daily Mail writes. Sure, they may be right at times, but, please folks, cite more dependable sources.

Like The Onion.

Okay- so not more invasive that other FB apps. So?

And it is true that the domain was registered to the Moscow address. It is the former Moscow address of the founder of the company. He does not live in the Russian Federation at the moment. By now the address has been changed in order to avoid any confusion… This app comes from a company in the British Virgin Islands that uses an international team of developers, some of whom reside in Russia. The spokesperson said:

We are a BVI company. Our app is being developed by an international team with development offices in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Experts have warned users to be wary of the New Profile Pic app that collects large amounts of personal data.

The app, which was initially registered in Russia, allows users to upload an existing photo to create a profile image in the appearance of a painting or a cartoon.

Then this:

And this

** The website’s trust score is 14%, which isn’t a good one. The user needs to be careful while using this website.*
** There isn’t much information on the website regarding the application or the creator or anything.*

Looking at these facts, it is hard to say that the newprofilepic website is a legitimate one. However, let’s find some more information before However, there isn’t much to offer on the website as the main is not up to the mark and doesn’t have enough relevant information.

### Should people trust the website?

We have seen in the above section that the website’s trust score is not good, and the website moves towards the suspicious side…

Scroll down a couple of paragraphs and you’ll see that they’re repeating claims from the Daly Fail. A bit further down is this:

“[T]he address on Moscow River is the address of lawyers who registered the company. We have never had an office there”.


Nice fallacy you have there.

I think it’s great that the OP is exactly the kind of post I would find on Facebook.

Yeah, this definite possibility of a firm maybe could be in a college course: Fearmongering 101.

Yeah, it was a Russian company that moved to a notorious shell company

Yeah, it was a Russian company that moved to a notorious shell company haven.

# British Virgin Islands corruption scandal threatens its dependable tax haven reputation

The territory, whose shell companies have repeatedly played a role in notorious global crime schemes, also may be blacklisted by the EU after the Brexit deal.

BVI is one place Russian Oligarchs hide their money.

Still assuming facts not in evidence, I see.

I don’t know about you but until this stops being unreliable sources repeating suppositions sourced from social media, I’m lumping this in with those gang initiations and dirty needles in coin returns.

Please, comrades, let’s all join together and use this fine app.

You jest but solid evidence of an actual Russian data collector pushing this app would go a long way toward lowering my skepticism. The app evidently wasn’t released yet when I was dealing with this Russian scammer, who was trying to push me into installing some chat app.

All those facts are right there. It was Russian, it is now BVI.