Don't you hate the steady 'Drip, drip, drip' of gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea becoming resistant to only treatment left

Of course some people won’t believe that claptrap.

What about the old drug free treatment?

Call Roto-Peter, that’s the name,
and you flush your troubles
down the drain…
Rotten Peter,
Rotten Peter.

Dave’s not here.

I thought it was Peter Rooter

I got a basketball jones

I’m pretty sure it was Roto-Peter. Sgt. Stedenko told me himself, though he never did reveal who cut his hair.

Nope. You were correct…

Thanks, that’s how I remembered it. If I had my 8-track still, I’d make a sound file of it just to be sure. Anyone got an actual audio file?

Either way, we all benefited from the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course

ETA: found a sound file “Peter Rooter” wins

Roto-Rooter jingle is what is was based on.

Good god, we really should inform the public about this! Too bad a very sexy learning disability is equally on the rise: sexlexia.

I always thought it was the

from my collection of campfire songs


Drip, drip, drip! It’s gonor-rhe-a!
Should have kept it in your pants.
Even Cephalosporine
Is too weak to get you clean.
Now you’ll spend your days deprived of all romance.

So, time to bring back mercury and silver nitrate! (the latter used from the late 19th century until the development of antibiotics).

Time to resurrect the alleged medical treatment as carried out in English ships in the 16th century, namely direct injection of mercury in the urinary meatus of clap-stricken sailors!

Oh, what FUN it will be… :stuck_out_tongue:

From a “pep” talk by a lanky and expressive army sergeant at an overseas base orientation:

“You go to the village, wear a fuckin’ raincoat! You don’t, you be goin’ on sick call drippin’ like a faucet! And you don’t be goin’ home til we can plug it up. Takes 3 shots in the left side of the right nut with a square needle this big!