Donuts -- in -- space!!!!

mmm donuts. is there anything they can’t do?

In honour of this great achievement, I am off to Tim’s for a doughnut and coffee.

There seems to be a hole in the process…

That’s a hole new way of looking at the sprinkled landscape of the world.

pssshaw! Pikers! Here’s a real achievement

“Well, a doughnut like that, you don’t eat all at once.”

So someone put Homer Simpson in charge of the space program now?

Very cool. But unsecured gas cylinders make me twitchy.

I felt bad for donut when it fell. :frowning:

That the Swedish Sea Rescue Society said: “Oh yeah, we’ll totally help rescue your donut.” makes me proud to have some Swedish lineage. (Is that the equivalent of the Coast Guard?)

If Homer Simpson was involved, the donut would have been eaten rather than being wasted in a stunt.

Well, it was the Sea Rescue Station in Åmål. It’s not like anything ever f***ing happens there anyway.

So I imagine that they jumped at the chance for some space donut action.

Careful! They’re ruffled

That’s one small step for a doughnut, one giant leap for pastrykind.

They ate the donut because donuts don’t have sleeves?

Truly an achievement the likes of which one does not see every day. So pretty!

Cool! I like the part where it falls past the contrail and you see the contrail beside the camera and its shadow below…

Which brings me to a question: do they have to get any sort of clearance from air traffic control before doing this?

The answer is YES. All current/modern Air Traffic Control systems have been on High Alert for donuts falling from the sky for a least 5 years now.
The main threat is from pilots (both commercial and private) is from diverting their plane to chase these down in order to see if they were chocolate or vanilla-filled.