Doob gets stabbed.....twice!

Yes, well…not quite true…

Actually, i got my ears pierced. The style is called an “industrial”. It’s basically two outer rim piercings connected by a barbell. Look up “industrial” and “piercing” in any search engine and you’ll find out (i’d post a link to a very good piercing site, but often it breaks the rules here about that stuff, I think.

So, the story goes: about 4 years ago, i came across this type of piercing on the net. I immediately liked it. It was just so…original. So, i knew i wanted it, but didnt know if i’d ever get it. Then, just a couple of weeks ago in Chat, i was talking about it with oldie, and we decide to go up to San Francisco to get it done at a shop called “Body Manipulations”. He had some stuff come up, so we postponed it for a week, which was today. So, today, we go up to SF, with Rasa, and Zyzz also, and get to the shop. I wont explain all the details, but, i’ll just say that when the piercer did pierce my ear, it did hurt, quite a bit. But not really as bad as I thought it could be. Being two piercings, i endured this ordeal basically twice! The Piercer was excellent (and quite a hottie, plus a local of my area, basically), and the shop was wonderful.

Right now i’m healing it. It bleeds a bit (it’s not what i’d call excessive, which would be constantly flowing down my ear). It only hurts if touched (and i only touch it to clean it). Overall, a great experience. I most likely will get the other ear done, and at the same place too.

A great day, despite the sucky weather (rain).

>_< Dude, it’s not nice to make us worry like that!

Anyway, good for you.

Okay, so if I understand this right you got your ear double pierced in the caritlige and then ran an earring (barbell) from one hole to the other?
I will look it up later, but just let me know for now if I have the general idea.
Sounds cool, and so far fairly unique!

Doob, I think that’s so cool! Good for you! When are we gonna see some pics?

I wish I was able to make it to the Dope Piercing Fest…too bad I’m on the East Coast. :frowning:
I had to go get pierced all by myself.

So you went and got it, eh? Sweet.

Okay, now, one ear I can understand, but two? I mean, do what pleases you, man, but in my mind I keep getting this image of you with a bar on either side of your head… Makes you look kinda like you got handles or something. Of course, that’s just me…


Doobie, If I ever get to meet you IRL, first I will smack the crap out of you for scaring me like that, then maybe I will hug you because I am so happy you are ok.

Congrats on getting the piercing you wanted.

hey, i got one of those!

when i got mine done my friend was getting her nipples pierced, and the piercing lady said that the industrial was the most painful piercning, even more so than nipples, because it had to go through cartilage twice.

i didnt think it hurt that bad (but i like that kind of stuff besides), but mine bled like it was fixing to drain me dry. i went through a whole bag of cotton balls, and when i went to sleep (still bleeding) it went through my pillow case. fun!

it’s ok now (got it in may, so it is long healed).

in any case, congrats on your new piercing! : )

Like this?? the top one?

Thats freakin badass… I like that. Looks hard to keep clean on the underside though.

I know what an industrial is. I went with my friend Ingo when she had hers done.
Anyway, tell me something, Doob:

Is yours on top, or tilted to the back? I hope it’s tilted, as the one’s on top are kinda lame looking. In any case, it don’t matter if I don’t like it, does it? I am just curious.

I’ve only seen three people IRL with that particular peircing. And they were all women… hmm… :stuck_out_tongue: I toyed with the idea of getting that peircing, but opted instead for a different one.

And I second Wicked and demand pictures. BTW, which ear is it in? In pictures and IRL, I’ve only seen it in the left ear, fwiw.

I thought you were doing really badly at Diplomacy[sup]TM[/sup]! :wink:

Check out the girl in the next picture. I’m no professional piercer, but that nose looks infected.

Ooh! I absolutely love that!

Yay for Doob!

Mnem: Sorry, typo. Asshole ;).

Glad i’m not the only one who’s a bleeder with this piercing. If this keeps up by tomorrow, i’m wearing my hoodie, just so i dont gross everyone out that I see (yay, i start a new job then!). Last night i had a paper towel on hand to stop the dripping. I just woke up to some good sized blood stains on my pillowcase, and a nasty old clot dried on my ear :wink: (i’m going to be soaking it for a while to loosen it up).

Cleaning isn’t too hard, q-tips help a LOT, as does this hand help shower sprayer that we have.

Lex: it’s close to the top of my ear, but it’s tilted down. It’s not fully horizontal.

Krick: you got it, it’s always a little hard to describe without pictures, but that’s the general idea.

Whammo: yes, that’s what it looks like.

Everyone else: i’ll get pictures done as soon as it stops bleeding like mad. I really dont think you care to see a nasty blood clot ;). I also went for the right ear, and will probably get the left one done later.

Of course he didn’t mention that at the time Rasa also got her nose repierced and it looks quite good.
Doob’s piercing is quite stylish on him. He has the ears for it and it’s tilted back slightly.

yeah - the day after i got it done me and some friends went out to eat at a fancy schmancy [read: you got a menu and sat down] restaraunt, and every ten minutes or so one of them would say “ew! jes, that is so gross! go clean your ear off, it’s bleeden all over your neck!” or something to that effect.

it should make your first day on the job extra interesting :slight_smile:

Sounds like Doob is a bleeder!
Nice pick man, looks like a cool one.

Ack! How could i have forgotten? Sorry Rasa.

Rasa got her nose pierced at the same time I did. In fact, she came out from the piercing area right after I did. It’s very nice on her, the ring not sticking all out from her nostil like many other’s i’ve seen. It’s excellently done.

Thanks oldie, i’m very very pleased with how it turned out. Thank you for suggesting that shop!

Sneeze: Well, i unfortunately dont care for THAT kind of attention, so i went out to the store (with my new hoodie on, so i could cover my ear), and bought sterile gauze pads and medical tape. If it’s still bleeding tomorrow morning, i’ll wear a patch of gauze over it to catch the drops. I had it on earlier, and it wasnt bleeding too much, but it’s good because it gets air, but catches the blood. Maybe i’ll get some sympathy out of it: “Good lord, what happened to your ear!”

It should be most interesting tomorrow in class and at work ;).

Well, it seems the bleeding has stopped. When i woke up this morning, the gauze wasn’t at all bloody. Though i did have gauze over my ear all day at work, it didnt start to bleed. So, things are looking up for it. So, it looks like i may actually be able to go to class without the bandage over it! woo! I did get a lot of questions at work as to what happened to my ear, which got a lot of my coworkers asking it it hurt, and when i told them, them not believing me.