Doodles Weaver?

So me and Hubby are watching TV and a commercial for The Three Stooges movie comes on.

Hubby: That’s just dumb.
Me: Really? I thought all guys liked The Three Stooges.
Hubby: Yeah, when I was 7. I liked Doodles Weaver too. Don’t hold it against me.
Me: Huh?

Granted, Hubby is a little bit older than I am and if he liked it at 7, I would have had to liked it in reruns. My husband’s description leaves a lot to be desired. “He built shitty things and it was hilarious when his house fell down on him.”

Does anyone besides my husband remember Doodles Weaver?

Doodles is Sigourney’s uncle I believe. He played a bit part in one of my oddly favorite movies, A Pocketful of Miracles.

The only familiarity I have with Doodles Weaver is from his appearances on Spike Jones’s old radio shows, which are kind of fun.

Yes. Was also a vocalist with Spike Jones and his City Slickers.

He appeared twice I think on the Andy Griffith Show later in his life. Once as a mailman who has a scene in the courthouse, and the other time I believe is the Gold Shipment episode, where he plays a beat nick protester.
I have also seen him on a few game show episodes from the 1950s.

Doodles did a little more than just build shitty things and watch them fall down. He did a lot of verbal humor, and was sort of like Spike Jones with wordplay – a lot of puns and malaprops but you’d still recognize what he started out to say.

He also built an entire TV show – not just an episode, but the entire series – around using props and scenery from other TV shows.

Your husband sounds like he’s around the same age as I am, so yeah, what we remember is the most slapstick of his slapstick. But it’s sort of like remembering Ernie Kovacs for the Nairobi Trio and nothing else.

He’s probably best known as the narrator in Spike Jones & the City Slickers’ version of The William Tell Overture.

Or The Man on the Flying Trapeze.

Ah! By the time Hubby saw him on TV, Doodles was at the very end of his career it would seem. Where would hubby have seen Doodles on TV in the mid 60’s?


1964 according to IMDb.

Hey, that looks vaguely familiar. And I was born in '64. But he definitely falls into boy humor. Like the Stooges.

I remember The Doodles Weaver Show. Not sure if I watched it live or in reruns. Weird guy, not that funny. The examples given in this thread (though not from his show) are Doodles gold.

I hadn’t known that.

Even more unbelievable is the fact his brother, Pat Weaver, was an early TV innovator who was responsible for, among other things, developing the Today Show and the Tonight Show.

Yes, a very funny man who managed to perform many a cameo. On a rerun of “Batman,” I saw him play a Friar Tuck-type character against Art Carney’s Robin Hood-type The Archer. I collect recordings of old TV game shows and he is playing it straight as the plaintiff on “The Verdict is Yours.”