DOOM - playing on the net

So my brother and I would like to find a way to play DOOM (the shareware version) across the net. When we were in the same town, we simply used a null modem cable and away we went. I did some checking through google last night, and supposedly zdoom is about the best there is for this sort of thing. However, it was painfully slow.

I did start to look into Kali, but for that you apparently need to register for $20 or you can play for only 15 minutes at a time.

Anyone know how to play for free across the net?

Sorry. As far as I know, Kali and Zdoom are your only bet. I’d personally go for zdoom. If I remember right from my (brief) experimentation with mp in zdoom, you have to leave the screen resolution set really low–for some reason the lag increases when you run at higher resolutions…