Doonesbury July 25: Thomas and Truman


“Some say she was Truman’s lover.” The hell? Who says that? (Besides Trudeau)

Umm, I might be wrong…but I think that was a joke.

Well, yeah. That’s why I’m asking.

I repeat NAF1138: it was a joke. Making fun of Helen Thomas’ age. NO ONE really says it.

Got it?

Trudeau is a pretty bright fellow, and he probably is well-aware that Ms. Thomas began her career of covering Presidents with JFK in 1960.

So, I would imagine that, as others have said, it was a joke about her age.

I am also sure that Trudeau selected Truman (instead of say Eisenhower or FDR) because Truman was totally devoted to Bess and there were never any whispers of affairs during his presidency. Hence, people would clearly understand that it was a joke.

Well… most people.

Okay, so sue me. I was just wonder what Tredeau was on about. Sometimes there’s a joke beneath the joke.