"Doonesbury" mocks Starbucks open-carry policy

First strip of the arc can be seen here

Starbucks discusses it’s policy here

A page discussing the Brady Campaign’s opposition to Starbucks policy is here


For the record, I am pro-carry. Doonesbury (barely) gets a pass on calling gun-carriers “paranoid armed rednecks” because it’s satire and if you can’t take a joke, f-u; plus Trudeau has never claimed to be unbiased. Less excusable is the Brady Campaign declaring carrying “inherently threatening and intimidating”.

It’s only fair that Starbucks allow their employees to openly carry also.

Kudos to Starbucks for not caving to the gun-grabbers. Bonus points for annoying many whiny liberals in the process. Think I will go spend money at Starbucks tomorrow, and I don’t even drink coffee.

How is carrying a loaded weapon not threatening or intimidating?

Agree with carm. They are just about to pass a law here that says anyone can carry a concealed weapon, as long as they are 18 and no criminal record. No permit, no training, zip.

Can’t wait to go to Walmart to see the weaponry displayed (or hidden).

It isn’t his best humor, but it is not surprising. Doonesbury has been anti-gun for years. I remember one of his strips in the 80s being posted at my local gun club, with a call for members to cancel their local paper subscription. whatever. I like Doonesbury, even though his humor is regularly in opposition to my personal political beliefs. I think that he has done some good stuff recently as well in his bits on the military - pretty positive coverage of the guys and gals in uniform.

The Brady Center is a pack of idiots who got their nuts cut off with the Heller decision, and the eventual incorporation of Heller this June (I hope and assume based on the current Court). Anything that gets them upset makes me very happy.

As for Starbucks - they are choosing to reflect their local markets. If your area allows open carry, then Starbucks is not going to get in the way. They don’t sell alcohol, so I don’t see a major issue here in allowing someone to order a mocha while packing a Mossberg, a latte to go with their Luger, or a cappucino to accompany the Colt.

If you are scared or intimidated by someone carrying, you are the target of open carry laws. Gun owners WANT you to be relaxed around guns, so they are carrying them more and more openly where legal. They don’t want you to even notice anymore, and to take guns, well, out of the closet.

I disagree with the rest of your post, but you seem like a pretty cool person and it makes me more open minded about your position.

I’m a gun owner, soon to go for my CCW Permit, and I live in an open carry state. Those people who I know who open carry here most definitely don’t do it becayse they want people to be relaxed around it.

It’s not a scientific sample, obviously, just personal experience (of a very small number of people).

I can’t figure out what Trudeau’s problem with Starbucks in particular is.

I have absolutely no idea what the laws of Seattle or of the state of Washington are. But for the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s legal for people in Seattle to carry guns. What the hell is a COFFEE SHOP supposed to do about it?

Is Starbucks supposed to put up metal detectors to keep out people with guns? Are baristas supposed to frisk people at the door? Put up big neon signs saying “Gun owners unwelcome here”?

If Trudeau has a problem at all, it’s with:

  1. People who want to own and carry guns
  2. Politicians who allow them to do so.

If Trudeau is quaking in his boots at the thought that there might be (ooooooh!) gun owners next to him on line at Starbucks, well, isn’t he going to be in just as much danger the second he steps OUT of Starbucks? Won’t the scary gun toters still be surrounding him everywhere ELSE he goes?

Starbucks is the least of it. Your local movie theaters don’t frisk people for guns. Your neighborhood supermarket doesn’t. McDonald’s doesn’t. Barnes & Noble doesn’t. The Gap doesn’t.

And guess what, Garry? IT’S NOT THEIR JOB! Their job is to serve their customers.

You want to ban guns outright? Start a petition, and get them banned. Meantime, why is Starbucks any more responsible for the current state of affairs than any other business?

While people may be permitted to carry openly, businesses are allowed to set policy as to whether they will allow open carry on their premises. As it is open carry, there is no need to frisk.

True - but Starbucks does not have people at the door. So, your Barista is behind the counter, looks up, and sees someone with a shoulder rig. You want your Barista to challenge them? Then get into a debate about the law?

Starbucks covers this on their web site - they follow the law of the locality, and they don’t want their people telling people with guns to leave the shop.

Quite sensible.

I was neither arguing for or against Starbuck’s policy nor open carry. I was just pointing out that merchants have the option. That would include the movie theater, McDonald’s (which doesn’t have a clear nationwide policy other than employees are forbidden to carry firearms), the local supermarket, or Wally World (whose policy leaves the decision up to the district managers for districts where open carry is permitted). Store policies are not one size fit all (and neither are open carry laws).

Here in Minnesota if a business doesn’t want licensed gun-carriers to enter the premises, they can only bring a charge of trespassing (which in MN is only a misdemeanor anyway) if they either tell the person to please leave and they don’t, or else give fair notice by posting a sign at the door of an exact size and wording specified by law. In other words, they can’t play “gotcha” with gun carriers.

Sorry - true. I read the Starbucks official statement on their website, and agreed with the issue of practical application. Asking a barista to tell someone with a gun to leave sounds like a difficult situation.

Generally speaking, I don’t find it threatening or intimidating.

My take on it was that Trudeau thinks on the surface at least, it seems like a bad idea to have people who are openly carrying weapons hopped up on lots of caffeine and crowded into a small space with a side theme of “hey, ‘openly gun toting’ and ‘latte-drinking’ are clashing cultural groups, and not normally overlapping.” Remember “latte-drinking” has been used during the last two presidential campaigns as part of rants about the liberal elite.

I find the humor is more in the contrast of cultures than it is in “aren’t people who carry weapon’s insane?” Similar to if Cracker Barrel made the news for being especially welcoming interracial gay and lesbian couples.

I can’t believe that anyone would be threatened or intimidated by people carrying guns


Great post, but I think that anti-gunners are upset that an ally like Starbucks won’t stand with them on this.

When will they give up? Time after time when law abiding citizens are allowed to carry guns, nothing happens, yet it is preceded by hellish tales of gun owners killing each other over who was in line first for their frappe mocha or whatever.

QFT, exactly what I thought. Starbucks is not encouraging gun-toting, they are simply going along with the laws, and not making a special rule banning it.

But Starbucks is an easy target, that’s why he’s targeting them.

Wait, wasn’t it Starbucks who had the policy that open carry was allowed, but only if it was unloaded? Did they just realize the idiocy of that position and change it, or am I thinking of someplace else?