Door Man

A friend sent me this email last nite. Any one have any ideas??

Have you ever noticed that when you hold the door for people that they
always seem to have to touch the door as they walk by? What is up with that?
Do they just not trust you or what? I just don’t get it. If i am holding
the door for them why don’t they just say thank you and walk on out. But NO!
They just have to touch the door. Can anyone tell me why? It just kinda
struck me funny and now i am curious as to why we do it?

We are, each of us angels with only one wing;
and we can only fly by
embracing one another

Actually, I can probably only give you the reason I do it.

Many people around here hold the door just long enough for you to get under the frame. They’d leave before I’ve finished crossing (What I call the “I’m-In-A-Hurry-But-I’ll-Look-Polite-By-
Almost-Holding-the-Door” gesture.)

Therefore I have to hold the door lest it slams me in the butt or face.

Now its almost an automatic response

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steal your love’s heart, and drink with good friends.
—*Madison Michele

That, plus it’s a small courtesy from me so that you can follow behind me without twisting your arm.

What I find more annoying is people who keep doors open for you. I don’t want to “speed up,” which I don’t. And I don’t want to hold them up by maintaining my speed.

If someone is immediately behind me, I’ll hold it open. If not, well, unless they’re handicapped or encumbered, they can open it themselves–as long as they see it’s closing.