Door related handset problem

Another exterior door refinishing problem. We sanded the hell out of the door, and it looks pretty nice. Someone had retrofitted brass kickplated on the door, and used glue, and that was quite a task to get rid of.

Now we have remove the lock handset. The original is a Schlage. It needs to be replaced. It most closely resembles the Schlage Venice, and Baldwin Landon series. However, some of the measurements are off. The really big problem is that the templates for installing each of these has you drilling two holes in the door to install the lock. When we removed the Schlage a huge single somewhat keyhole shaped cut out is present. I don’t know if the two locks we found can be adapted to this. Any guesses? Anywhere to find old (this is only 12 years old) locks on the net?

If you got the locks from Home Depot I do not have a solution.

If you got them from a locksmith shop go back to them and ask.
You can ask a lock smith shop if they have an adaptor plate. Take pictures of the door along with the new locks with you.

If you haven’t already bought your locks, I strongly suggest you take a look at Factory Locks. They have been a huge help to me when I redid my house. Great prices, and superior service.

After much research on the internet we decided that the Schlage lock we had was Series E, which of course has been discontinued. The Baldwin “Landon” is advertised to replace Schlage series E. I took the old lock to a local upscale hardware store. The guy there was great. First he took his sample Landon off the board it was on, and when he couldn’t say for certain that it would fit the existing cutout, lent me a Landon to try out, and it fit almost perfectly, the lower handle attachment was slightly skewed, but he thought that was because the backset was wrong on the latch part. I would have bought it, but it had a double cylinder deadbolt, which I think is a horrible idea, so I ordered one with an inside knob. He was about $30 more than I could get on the internet, but he clearly earned the sale.