Doors in preppers' bunkers

Was skipping around, saw one of those “Doomsday Preppers” shows where they were showing how great the door of the bunker was - they attached some dynamite, boom! - the door is still holding. But it was bent out of shape. And everyone clapped and expressed their satisfaction at how well the door worked.

That got me thinking - so you’re sitting in your bunker, and the hungry crowd outside cannot get in due to the wonderful thick steel door. But if they use dynamite and jam the door solid, how are you going to (eventually) get out?

Seems like the entry/exit is pretty much inevitably the weak point, explosives or no. If the door opens outwards, it will only take a small heap of rubble to render it utterly useless. If it opens inwards, it’s still going to be useless if someone piles up a few tons of mixed debris over it (or if that debris is deposited there by whatever doomsday scenario plays out.

“Stop bad guys getting in” and “guaranteed escape” would seem to be incompatible threat models.

Presumably you need a secret other exit. Green Gate One, Tunnel Two, etc.

Aren’t these bunkers for long-term usage? Months?
Seems to me they would need some sort of air ventilation system them - apparently even nuclear submarines extract oxygen from the surrounding water, and come up to periscope depth to replenish the air supply.
Searching around, apparently shelters do need air ventilation systems, and seems to me that would be a big weak point.

I’m sure they’ll have at least one plasma torch and a couple of hydraulic rams.

I’m guessing that this will be your first apocalypse. How adorable. :cool: :smiley:

I believe that, in the very same show, they demonstrated that Preppers always have a 2nd way out–an escape hatch. like Tom Tildrum said.

Some bunkers even feature NBC air ventilation systems.

Yup, they said that, though I’m not sure if they showed it.
I suppose they could have one in the ceiling that opens downward. That way when it’s time to leave if you can’t get out the main exit you can pull that hatch down and let the few feet of earth above you fall in. It wouldn’t have to be bomb/bullet/zombie proof since no one would know where it is.