I need a paragraph that uses the word “Dope” to mean Glue, a stupid person, someone who uses illegal drugs, the the real story or Straight dope. I was given this challange, but I am not up to it. instead of admitting defeat I ask u all.

The word must be used at least four times and each time it must clearly reflect only one definition. The paragraph must be coherent.

Additional uses for additional definitions found in a standard dictonary are extra credit.

This kinda reads like a homework assignment. I would, but I have a test to study for…

“I like to use this sticky dope stuff, it holds things together.”

“No, don’t EAT it, you dope!”

“A dope’s someone who goes to jail for that thing Bobby did, right?”

“Son, here’s the straight dope on Bobby. Yes, he did use a lot of dope, but that’s not why he went to jail.”

“Oh, I think I can dope out what it was.”

“The inside dope from this guy I know is that Bobby was a prostitute, son. He didn’t go to jail either; he’s dead. You know that dope that I use to a desired quality to a substance or surface?”

“You mean that absorbant matierial used in various manufacturing processes?”

“No. Actually, I meant to say the kind of dope you’d give to a racehorse to help it’s performance. Bobby overinhaled on that one day in June… he was with a horse.”


“Son, did I ever tell you about the birds and the bees, and the horses that sometimes come along?”


“Well, how’s’about I pour us another glass of dope and we’ll have ourselves a Talk.”

“Okay, pa.”

“Bobby’s dead, son. And the horse’s name was Mountain Thunderbust…”

So now one likes it? Waaaaah!!