Doper advice you've taken, and how it worked out

Lots of different kinds of advice requested and given here, but we don’t always (or usually) hear whether the advice was taken and how it turned out.

Some advice I’ve asked for and used (with good effect) involved activities for my dog, gift ideas for my kids, new products that work, and new summer TV shows.

I’m curious about everybody else. Did you finally confront your co-worker/roommate/spouse/mother-in-law/neighbor? Did you call the police? Did you quit your job? Is your sex life better? Did you quit smoking? Did you start or stop that diet? Did you apologize? Did you go back to school or get that new job? Did you get in touch with that old friend? Let go of your anger and make peace? Did any good advice backfire? Did just talking about it make you feel better?

In other words, how’s the Dope working for you?

I shortlisted Pasadena as a living location based on Campion’s suggestions of neighbourhoods when I was moving out to L.A. last year. I did actually move there and this has turned out very well for me.

There used to be a poster whose wife taught at the law school I ended up attending and he was extremely helpful in giving advice on neighbourhoods I might think of living in. My first year I ended up picking one of his suggestions since I didn’t have time to really explore the area. It was an awesome neighbourhood. The only reason I ended up moving out of it is because the other 3 girls living in my building graduated and my landlord leased the apartments to undergrads I knew would party every night.

I read Bear Goes Over The Mountain based on a funny book thread. It was a good read.

So I’m 3 for 3.

Book advice has benerally been good.

Checked out the Derek Trucks band based on Marley23’s advice, and they’re my new favorite band.

Life advice – sorry, y’all aren’t where I start with my existential crises.

I was told to go fuck myself.

Turned out I’m quite a sensitive lover.

In a thread about people being late in the morning, a doper reminded me of an old trick of putting the alarm clock on the other side of the room. Since Jan 2nd, I have only been late once this year. Great advice.

I asked for advice on where to go in Minneapolis and I found the advice very good.

I recently on very short notice asked for advise on Cincinnati and either the advice was poor or Cincinnati is a terrible place to visit.

I sought advice on what questions and suggestions to have ready for my Doctor when I was going in to discuss my High Cholesterol levels, based on advice from that thread, instead of being on medications, I am on a diet and exercise regimen and I have lost over 30 pounds in just over 2 months.

The weight loss threads have provided some good suggestions along the way.

I had a short thread looking for where to shop online for HO gauge trains and got some great feedback last year.

I guess I do not ask relationship questions; I do not really have any. I should be and I am thankful for that. My family is not perfect, but no major dramas.

Thank you to everyone that provides so much good advice and entertainment,

Dopers convinced me to give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a more thorough try after I watched the first disc of the first season and couldn’t figure out why the show was popular. I ended up watching (and buying) all seven seasons plus all of Angel.

Dopers made me feel better after my mom was in a near-fatal car accident several years ago.

Can’t think of much else at the moment, though I’m sure I’ve used movie/book/game suggestions.

The umm, well the weirdest piece of working advice I ever picked up here was a laundry tip. Blood stains are made blood, blood is what’s in meat, saliva helps break down meat proteins for digestion, ergo spit on your bloodstained clothing.

Cheaper than Spray and Wash and works, who’da thunk it?!

When I beat eggs in a dish to make French Toast or an omlette, I used to rinse the dish in hot water. I mean, after all, hot water makes things cleaner, right? Wrong.

I’ve never had a biology course, so it never interested me that eggs were protein.

But when I read a thread about lovers in the shower, cum, blow jobs and how to keep it from sticking to you, why I just applied it to my cooking/cleaning.

Use cold water to rinse it off. Hot water makes it coagulate. At least, that’s how I remember it.

It’s worked just fine. Beat the eggs in a dish, then rinse the dish with cold water. It goes away.


I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed Titan, The Woman in Black, and Intimate Connections because of advice from this messageboard.

I’ve watched The Zero Effect and a bunch of other great films, too.

Incredibly enough, I’d never heard of The Pogues before this board. I was channel surfing and came across If I Should Fall From Grace With God on the Sundance channel. Ordinarily, I would have skipped right over it, but I wanted to see why everyone was raving about this crazy MacGowan dude. I was an instant fan, and three years later, I can pretty much sing all the songs by heart, although you probably don’t want me too.

I posted here about a problem at work a couple of months back and got some great advice. While it turned out that it was too late to take the advice (and wouldn’t have been worth the trouble as I don’t want to stay there forever), I am now prepared to handle the situation should it arise again. Oh, except for the person who told me not to bother human resources with the petty problem. I did follow that advice. Whoever you are, I thanked you then, and I’m thanking you now, because you saved me a ton of trouble.

Finally, you guys pushed Scientology so much that I finally gave in and joined the church. Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but you know something? My thetans have never been better, or so they tell me, and I’ve made a ton of new friends to replace the old ones I had to leave behind because They.Just.Didn’t.Get.It. (OK, that didn’t happen.)

Note to self: When eating at sam’s house, don’t try the eggs. :eek:

I often take advice that I harvest from IMHO threads that I post. Dopers have often given me great advice about everything from fashion to gin!

I don’t know if any of these particular cases really count as “advice” as they were unsolicited by me, but I’ll list them anyways.

I think I stumbled upon from one of Podkayne’s posts. I’m about a year out, down 40 pounds and counts 5 dress sizes. I very gladly just bought 3 pair of size 6 pants. The last time I wore a six, I don’t think I had even reached menarche :eek:.

When I was looking for work, the search button proved invaluable for job listings, interview skills, and resume tips. I landed a much better job than I anticipated.

What stands out most to me is the advice I got regarding conquering my fear of flying, and the subsequent advice I received about taking a ride in a bi-plane as a method of overcoming that fear.

After the advice and the bi-plane ride, I went from being a paralyzed and borderline panicky flyer to flying across the country and back in an almost completely fear-free state. I have to say the advice worked out quite well.

I received very encouraging words when I once posted a Pit thread against myself. And I also got good book advice in that thread.

Just recently, I posted about a disturbing problem between a coworker and me. I don’t think I would have talked to the boss if I hadn’t listened to the advice I got. It turned out to be a wise decision.

I have gotten some really, truly, excellent advice and places to contact in reference to my wife’s parents and how she was being dumped on to be the primary care provider “because she was the one there.” More excellent advice came when it came time to prepare them for us leaving the area. It was a tremendous help.

I also was returned to reality in reference to my daughter’s upcoming engagement. I deservedly got some slaps on the wrist and wise advice on changing my outlook and facing reality. This was a hard pill to swallow, but I asked, didn’t I? AND, I TOOK the advice and it was very good that I did.

I guess the best thing I can say here is that one has to be willing to take advice if one asks for it. This is not usually the case, though, because a lot of the time, one is just really asking for validation of an outlook or stance that is causing problems. I have always tried to take the position of “Don’t ask for advice unless you’re willing to follow it if it seems reasonable.” That’s easy to say, but very hard to do.

However, his board has served me very well because I did listen. This board is a most excellent place to work on toning one’s arrogance down and getting one’s humility up. I’d recommend it to anyone…but with the caveat that if you ask, then you need to truly listen.

Thanks to all of you! I only hope I can somehow, in some way, repay all of you, but I do fear that I have already gotten far more from you than I will ever be able to equal. I will try, though.

The little bird we found is quite well and very cute and happy. Nobody has claimed him and his name is Elvis.
I threatened to quit because of the sexual harassment at work and I no longer have to work alone with the big offenders. (well, I didn’t threaten by saying, “do something or else.” I threatened by saying, “you need to find someone else. I’m quitting. I’ll stay up to two weeks.” and they begged me to stay.)
My little sister is doing fine and, last I heard, is speaking to her best friend again.

My dad’s the same as always. I just avoid him for the most part and I’m doing everything I can to be on my own the second I turn eighteen and actually looking for info on emancipation so that I don’t have to wait as long. I don’t want to get married or have a baby, though, and I’m having a hard time finding the answers to all my questions.
When I first came here, I had a series of relatively small crises and was told that it seemed huge now but wouldn’t matter in five years. That bit of advice has helped a lot in all sorts of places. Now I stop and think before freaking out- “is this really such a big deal?”