Doper Due Date Club - Spring and Summer 2014

Hi! I figured I’d take a gamble and start one of these, since a lot of Doper are expecting at the moment. We’ve been having such fun in the other threads, so why not make it official and have a due date thread?

Anyway, we probably aren’t enough to have an active thread every month, so this first one is all-encompasing. Everyone currently knocked up, recently post-partum or planning to conceive is welcome. I figure that has us covered all the way up to August/September. After that, some other brave soul will have to start a Fall/Winter club. I figured we’d inevitably be pretty wide-ranging in our discussions, so anybody with an interest in babies and children and the having of them might have something to contribute or take away.

So - birth plans, pain rants, baby shopping, name drama, family insanity, spousal support or lack of it, maternity leave plans, medical issues, nesting, anxiety and joy - let it all hang out.

Fathers welcome, off course.

Anyway, I’m Septima - 22 weeks and counting, due in late May. I’m in my late twenties, married, first child for both of us, first grandchild for both families (gulp) I live in the Faroe Islands, which is a tiny country in Scandinavia, so I will be getting the full socialized medicine birth, and we will be home with the baby in turns about 6 months altogether. No plans after that, although we hope to avoid putting the bundle into outside care for a few years, if possible.

So - anyone else?

Hi, I’m Sattua. Early 30s, married, have one child aged almost-3. We began trying to have another when she was 14 months old. I’ve had five early losses, progesterone supplements, infertility bloodwork, a diagnosis of PCOS, hysteroscopy to remove polypoid tissue in my uterus, Metformin which I couldn’t tolerate, and a total breakdown about whether I wanted to take fertility drugs or even have another child at all.

Right now I believe I’m at peace with letting what will happen, happen, without further interventions or treatments. If another kid comes, that would be awesome. If another one doesn’t, well, we’ll just have a lot more money and time to do our own things, won’t we? I love talking about babies and pregnancy though, so I’m in.