Doper Family Ties?

Well I was curious who else has family ties across the doper boards? I and my brother (jackelope) are both on here, in fact he is the one who introduced me to the board.

So tell me guys, who is All in the Family?

Well, I’m married to Airman Doors, USAF and soccerbaby is my sister-in-law. Of course, I met them through the SDMB, but still.


My aunt’s second nephew is on the boards nearly every day.

Rimshot… I got it.

Hey little bro.

phantomdiver is my mother and the banned (because he was 12) alloran is my brother. As of yet I haven’t discovered any long-lost relatives here…

I refuse to tell my siblings and in-laws about this place. They’ll just come in and muck it all up. Plus I’d have to watch what I say, and that’s no fun. My daughter registered just before the crash, but all traces of her have disappeared, and she never came back. My husband said he might register after he gets his new job - we shall see…

Deny it as she may, reprise is my wonderful, yet sometimes infuriating, mother.

Love ya mum. :smiley:

FCM - your daughter was cool, it’s a pity she’s decided not to return to us.

Well, both my mother and father (Biggirl and Houseman) are posters, but my mother is the dominant personality here.

My sister posts here occasionally as Anita Vacation, and my brother registered as Harald Bluetooth, though he hasn’t posted in a very long time. UncleBill and I will be related in the near future.