Doper Fashion Girlies, help me find a purse

So I recently came into some birthday money, and while I usually use it to pay off bills and such, I think I want to spend around $150 of it on a nice bag. I usually shop at Tar-ghey, but for years I’ve dreamt of something like this to shop around in, that would look good both casual and dressed up. Are there sites out there that do decent knockoff bags that would meet my needs? Anyone have something similar they love? I’ve been to zappo’s and, and no luck yet finding something that meets my three criteria:

  1. I’m looking for a natural cognac/brown leather year-round bag, big enough to carry over my shoulder, I’m only 5’5", though, so no huge totes.
  2. I tend to gravitate towards hobo and shoulder bags with lots of pockets.
  3. I have $150. I could spend up to $170 with shipping but no more. Oh, and I don’t like Coach bags.


I don’t have a specific bag recommendation, but I’ve used the website and been happy with them. They have a large selection, show lots of photos, and have user reviews.

I’m checking them out right now. Thank you! :smiley:

I usually have better luck with bags at the independent shops downtown. They’re not as pricey as brand-name bags and the designs are usually nicer/funkier.

You could try and search for leather tote bags. Their stuff tends to be more artsy but they do have all sorts of designs and styles on there.

I agree, but the internet is just more convenient. I live far from the city, have a long commute and am usually too tired to shop on the weekdays, and too busy to shop on weekends (second job).

I love that site! Thank you so much for it, I’m going to bookmark it for Things Other Than Bags as well.

I like Kathy Van Zeeland purses. They are fun and fuctional and come in every color and combo imagineable. This one was 99 bucks at Macy’s and I love it.

I’m going to recommend Stone Mountain [url=]!6130&keyword=(stone+bags)&match_type=).