Doper Fitness Battle Race sign up thread. All levels welcome!

On another board I frequent, there are races between teams to complete a set of fitness tasks. I thought I could bring it over to the Dope to see if there is any interest. I have permission to start a couple of threads if we get this off the ground.

I will start if we get a minimum of 8 participants, but more would be much better.
GOAL: Be the first team to complete the set of tasks.

TASKS: A set of 80 general fitness and question tasks that should be able to accommodate all fitness levels.

START TIME: The start time for the Battle of the Dopers will be Friday, August 17 at 10:00 am EDT. The end time for the battle of the Dopers will be Sunday, August 26 at 11:59 pm EDT. It will run until that time or until all teams have finished all tasks, whichever is sooner.


Rule 1: You must fully finish a task, then post in the thread that the task is finished, along with your team name. (Example: TEAM GREEN, Task 4 complete) This is the honor system. We can’t prevent you from lying, but if you claim to take 2 minutes to do a 45-minute task, we might get suspicious! Don’t make us suspicious!

Rule 2: If the task says “say what you did” or “answer this question,” it must be included in the post where you claim a finished task. (Example: TEAM GREEN, Task 4 complete, I did this workout for 30 minutes http://www

Rule 3: If you edit a post, the edit time is considered the “finished” time. You don’t want to edit.

Rule 4: You may only start the next task once someone on your team has finished the previous task. So you can only start task 5 when task 4 is completed and posted. If you start too early, your submission will be disqualified and you will have to repeat it.

Rule 5: Tasks can be modified to fit your fitness level, to some extent. If, for example, the task is 100 pushups, you can do the pushups using a chair seat, but you still must complete 100. Challenge yourself. Don’t hurt yourself. If you have questions about a modification, feel free to ask. All workouts can be done in stages if you need to.

Rule 6: A person may not complete consecutive tasks. You must wait for at least one teammate to finish a task before you can complete another task. EXCEPTION: If there has been a gap of at least one hour since you posted that you completed a task, you may start and complete the next task.

Rule 7: You should coordinate with team members about who is doing what tasks. This will prevent multiple people from trying to complete the same task. I recommend people post when they are starting a task, especially if it takes a while. (Example: I’m starting task 100015 right now!) Whoever posts that they have completed the task in the thread is the “official” one to complete the task.

Rule 8: Each team will have a discussion thread here in Thread Games.

Rule 9: If someone on your team says they will do a task, give them a reasonable amount of time to respond. You can set team rules for how long you think team members should wait.

Rule 10: This thread will become the official thread for each team to post completed tasks.

So, does anyone want to play?

Bumping once in case some people who might be interested didn’t see it. If, as it seems, no one is interested, maybe I’ll try again later in the year.