Doper ideas of reference

I tend to open any thread related to apartment living or bad neighbors with an unfounded paranoid suspicion that my neighbor is a doper and I’m the bad neighbor. What are your ideas of reference when surfing the dope?

Well, I’m a long-term apartment dweller, but that is not really cogent.

The chances that your neighbor is a member of the SDMB is probably close to nil.

Are you the bad neighbor?

Do you play loud music at 3 am?

Have frequent loud parties?


If so, then you are most likely the “bad neighbor”.

As I have stated in earlier threads, apartment living can be very nice and peaceful if one does the homework, understands the rights laid out in your lease and develops a good relationship with management.

The bit about surfing the dope I don’t get.

Have I missed your point completely?

Well I was wondering if other people had other ideas of reference when seeing particular thread titles. Just for a current example, does anybody see “Low-life scum, Preying on the Unemployed: I Pit Thee!!!” and think “Oh no! They caught me!” :slight_smile:

So, you’re wondering if anyone exhibits paranoid tendencies when viewing a particular thread title which could be construed as accusatory.

In my case, no.

I try to use my turn signals every time, I swear!