Doper-Labs Project 2: Ultra-Sonic Drill

Okay, NASA’s developed this really nifty ultra-sonic drill, and since Black & Decker isn’t making them, I’m wondering how hard it would be for me to slap one together myself. Any folks got any ideas? (And before someone starts screaming about patent violations, forget it. I’m not planning on selling these or doing anything else to violate the law. There’s enough loopholes in patent laws that anything I was able to cobble together would be exempt from 'em.)

What? Nobody’s willing to take a stab at this? We can rack up 20 pages BSing about death rays, but nobody’s got any advice for a legitimate device? What’s up with that?

All the engineers and technicians are out to lunch.

And out to breakfast, and dinner. Hell, even the wiseacres who post strange comments seem to be missing.

The principle seems simple enough. It’s just a vibrating metal rod, a miniature version of the pneumatic impact driver (or whatever they’re called, the tool they use to drill thorugh concrete road surfaces). Piezoelectric modules aren’t too hard to find. I’d guess the hard part is finding the right shape for the rod.

Where would I find piesoelectric modules and how would I know if they’re the right type?