Doper Parents: Children's Musical Favourites?

And don’t say Offspring.

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lowercase is two and a half, and grooves {mostly naked} down to T. Rex - his personal favourite, he insists on it being played in the car - David Bowie, The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, and Phillip Glass. {Yes, really} Oh, and Shriekback: one of their albums has some iguanas on the cover, and is only known as Iguana Songs. God, I’m proud of that boy.

His favourite song, however, is Yellow Submarine, which has to be played every morning ad infinitum {it’s on vinyl, which makes it more of a chore than it ought to be}, with alternate lyrics substituted: while bouncing up and down on the bed, it’s Yellow Trampoline.

There was a documentary on TV recently which showed a robot submarine, equipped with pincers, exploring the seabed and finding various unknown species of deep-sea crabs and shrimps. All crustaceans are known as “Mr Pinchy” {blame the Simpsons}, so the morning is now greeted with a naked toddler leaping up and down on me at 6am and bellowing “We all live in a pinchy submarine!” while laughing like a drain.

Mainly Beatles and Brazilian music for our four-year old.

Also a compilation of popular Classics for Kids.

The soundtrack to Shrek is a family favorite here. Usually in the car while fully clothed.

I’m sorry that this may prove tricky but my kids loved Australian artist Franciscus Henry. The best thing about his music was that I could listen to it over and over again in the car without wanting to slash my wrists.

If you are interested I will dig it up for you.

Air, especially Talkie Walkie.

I must hear this album twice a day.