Doper Parents: How do you deal with "Slutoween"?

From what I remember from being a 20 year old young woman at Halloween parties - the girls that don’t slut up the bars on Friday night because they are the quiet type show up at Halloween parties to prove that there is some truth to the “quiet girl in English class turns out to be really hot when wearing kitty ears and a tail…”

I have an 8 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. They have always asked me to make their costumes, because they like to pick characters that are not your typical run-of-the-mill thing. with my daughter, she just doesn’t want to be slutty. Last year, due to a time crunch (no one could decide what they wanted to be) and a lack of interesting costume patterns at Joann’s, we bought costumes. My daughter picked the longest skirted costume she could find, which still only hit her mid-thigh (mine fit the same way) and I made us knee-length bloomers to go underneath at her request. She’s not a slutty kid and doesn’t see Halloween as an excuse to be.

This year, I don’t know if she will want a costume as she has not been invited to any parties yet, due to a football game having been scheduled for that night – she’s in band – but now the game was re-scheduled for the Thursday before.

As for how I dealt with it when she was younger, well, it never came up – she was always shown the costume patterns I was willing to make for her, and she chose. Because Halloween is a big one for my family, it’s just not ever been an issue.

Chicks, especially the “shy” ones, tend to wear less during Halloween. It’s heightened by the type of costume they wear and the general friskiness level that is in the air. Besides, it’s no fun seeing a girl in a scary or ghoulish costume.

It’s looking like Disney misfired with this version of Ariel, with the seashells over the boobies (given the price reduction).

My little one’s wearing this version instead.

And her twin brother is going as Wolverine. He just loves those claws, runs and jumps and makes slashing motions.

It’s not as much of a concern here - most costumes in children’s sizes are either fleece (Old Navy got all over that - thank goodness) or designed so you can wear your snowsuit under it.

At least at the Halloween parties around here they are much, much, MUCH more revealing on Halloween… I don’t know how many girls go to bars in boy short underwear a black bra and black leather mesh shirt in hooker boots with cat ears and a tail and say they are a cat? I mean maybe it happens, what bars do you go to I’d love to visit!

::ducks and runs before his girlfriend sees::

Some of those costumes are frightening. Seriously.

I think the answer is " You can’t wear that until you’re old enough and smart enough that we can’t find a way to stop you. Since you just finally became old enough to use the microwave by yourself, this outfit ain’t gonna happen."

RE Hannah Montana

I’ve watched a few episodes with my niece. Hannah seems to dress reasonably- generally jeans and a t-shirt.

Re Sluttier Clothes On Halloween

The women, and the men, at the Halloween ball I attend definitely dress in skimpier outfits than an evening going clubbing.

Well, not boy shorts and bras. The mesh shirt sounds par for the course at a goth club, though. No cat ears or tails. But tiny tops that are practically bras…sometimes I think girls would just wear bras if they could get away with it. Hmm, come to think of it, there’s not really a law against wearing just a bra to go out in. The cat ears/tail…not so much (again, unless yer at a goth club!).

Ditto. 14.5 year old boy is going as a mad doctor, 4 year old is going as a vampire.

I think I’ll just be a dirty foreigner.

I really think there is a law about going out in public wearing just a bra. And it applies equally to men and women…

A few years back I watched the neighbor girl come out of her house to leave with her girlfriends for TOTing, and as soon as she was out of Mom’s sight, she removed her oversized sweatshirt. At 13. Just planned on walking the neighborhood in her bra, a denim micro-mini and heels. Her 13 year old girlfriends had adult costumes on, like sexy kitten and sexy librarian, but having been unable to persuade her parents on the store-bought costume, she was just going as “A ho.”

I called her over and explained that no one would realize it was a costume, because real ho’s are much more obviously trashy. :wink:

I had her choose a colored saran wrap from my supply and wrapped a ‘shirt’ onto her, sort of a cross your heart/over the shoulder/down to the belly button mummy-wrapping job that actually looked very cool. All shiny and costumey and she and her friends were so impressed they didn’t realize how little was now showing on top.

All night long I had teenagers whisper “Yeah, she’s the one who did that cool shirt on Tina!” as they walked by.

So in that instance, one parent was trying to hold the line and the kid was just going to be sneakily sleazy, the other two kids parents actually approved of and bought them the slut costumes.
This is a relevant video from YouTube.

I’m on dial up. Could you describe the video?

The New York Supreme Court ruled that the legislature could not allow men to go topless and not allow women the same right, so you don’t have to wear a shirt or a bra in New York. Good luck getting served anywhere, though…

Really? Then how come men can go out completely topless? And where do you draw the line? Why are tiny tube tops and midriff bearing tops okay, while a straight up bra isn’t?

Damn good work, Queen Tonya.

Wait for it… wait for it…

Thanks, DB. :slight_smile:

That was rude of me, DocCathode, and I apologize. Basically there’s a guy in an office dressed as the dude from Greatest American Hero talking about how he loves Halloween because the women all dress up in slutty outfits. He’s describing what the women are wearing and when he sees one of them asks “What are you, a slutty lawyer?” Whereupon she informs him that she’s not wearing a costume. Hilarity ensues.