Doper Parents: How do you deal with "Slutoween"?

There was a article on the phenomenon where Halloween costumes become the one day of the year where it’s okay for a girl to dress revealingly.

The article says that it’s one thing for grown women to do so, another thing for preteens. That being said, who exactly is buying this stuff? And if your daughter asked for a revealing outfit, would you buy it for her?

And finally, what IS a slutty outfit? The image on the website that I linked to doesn’t seem all that revealing to me.

I’ll jump in here with a couple responses. I do know the phenomenon to which the article refers, and I agree that I don’t remember it from my trick-or-treating days (late '70s through the '80s). OTOH, I agree with your last point about the costume pictured above the article–but only partially. While the costume isn’t that bad, the pose of the girl modeling it and the “come hither” look she’s putting on are totally inappropriate, and not what Halloween used to be about or should be about IMHO. Lots of costumes I see in catalogs, including the very popular Hannah Montana numbers, fall into this borderline category where the apparel might not be that objectively slutty, but the models wearing it are striking poses that push it over the line. It sometimes seems to me that the catalogs are playing CYA, showing stuff whose hemlines etc. are defensible, but posing the models in ways that aren’t.

And this actually fits in with what I see at my daughters’ school. (They are in third and first grade this year.) At last year’s Halloween parade it seemed to me that of the girls who had on the Hannah-Montana-tight-gold-pants-and-halter-top ensembles, or the Ariel/Jasmine numbers, etc., NONE had the sexual moxie to pull it off, so that the actual effect was all rather innocent. At a junior high parade I might have felt considerably different–but then again it seems to me that, again, looking at catalogs, not all of these outfits come in those sizes.

As to how we handle it in our house, we make our own costumes, and I encourage my girls to eschew the catalog costumes in favor of ideas they come up with on their own. One of the things I like best about Halloween is getting to indulge my crafty side, anyway, so this works for us all around. OTOH, we make exceptions, too–last year my daughter wanted to be Hermione from the Harry Potter books, so we invested in a good quality Hogwarts robe and some other accessories because I thought they’d actually be useful beyond Halloween and for the other kids, too (and they were–she wore them to a Harry Potter camp this summer). But sluttiness wasn’t an issue with that costume. The other daughter was Marvin K. Mooney from the Dr. Seuss book. (A few years ago they were the yellow dog and the red dog from Go Dog Go.) I have also made a spider costume (that they both wore), a cat costume (sweatpants, not leotards), a pirate costume, and various others. This year the older daughter is going as Dolores Umbridge (again with the Harry Potter, but a trickier costume), and the younger as an Egyptian princess. The baby will go as a crocodile–I bought his costume at a consignment store, which I highly recommend to anyone.

One final note… I have NOT seen other suburban moms dressing up in slutty outfits, as the article describes (though my husband is the one who takes the kids trick-or-treating and I bet he would like that very much!) I don’t dress up, myself–I stay home, drink a beer, hand out the candy, and tend the campfire in our backyard fire-pit (we make s’mores after trick-or-treating–overkill, I know)–and I don’t know any moms who do. Halloween parties for adults aren’t really part of the holiday in our demographic, either.

If I was a parent (which I am not) I’d be less concerned with sluttyness in one of those costumes than with the kid freezing to death. Where in North America could a kid go trick-or-treating wearing that little?
I still remember the bitter resentment when my Mom made me put a snowsuit on underneath my cool costume. She would have never let me leave the house is such a getup, not because of the neighbourhood kids seeing my legs, but because I would have frozen my little butt off!

I’m guessing that you aren’t from LA or South Florida. No snow suits needed.

I live in the central valley of CA, and it still gets somewhat chilly by the time people go out for trick-or-treating.

Anyway, we make our costumes, and I wouldn’t buy or make one that I felt was slutty. The commercial sexualization of young girls really bothers me. A lot. Grrr. I do see little girls wearing tackily slutty outfits, though they don’t look sexy (as above), but I have not seen suburban moms wearing fishnet and cleavage; that’s what you get from the college girls downtown (and they must be freezing!). I rarely see moms dressed up, and when they are it’s pretty tame.

I have two daughters. This year the 5yo is Obi-Wan Kenobi (with long red hair), and the 8yo is reveling in her floor-length medieval princess dress.

hell, I’m 26, and I don’t mind dressing sluttily on occasion but I bristle at the idea that everyone of my gender in a certain age range is basically expected to wear something revealing at halloween. You can’t be a firefighter, you have to be a sexy firefighter. You can’t be a fairy, you have to be a sexy fairy. Etc.

The aforementioned is exactly why I’m going to be a ninja turtle this year- ain’t nothing sexy about that! :wink:

And the outfit on the girl in question… I guess my question would be, what is it? And beyond looking like a gothy slut angel, why a pre-adolescent would even WANT to wear it… Really? I mean, based on the “look” of the girl posing in the dress, it’s meant to be sold on sex appeal alone. Like, presented as, “here is a sexy costume for a girl”. It doesn’t have to BE anything in particular, as long as it’s revealing and feminine. I think that is the point of it being inappropriate. Shouldn’t kids costumes, boys and girls, be more than that?

This is just an unavoidable consequence of the times we live in. As women have moved increasingly into traditionally male-dominated professions (firefighter, superhero, pirate, etc.), Halloween attire has to be exaggerated so we know it’s a costume. If you just showed up a party in scrubs, how would anyone know you hadn’t just come from a 12-hour shift at the hospital and didn’t have time to change? Much better to go in the old-fashioned, skin-tight, white-vinyl, nurse costume so people don’t get the wrong idea.

Minnesota is a great enforcer of modesty in Halloween costumes. If you can’t wear it with long underwear underneath, it isn’t getting worn.

I was flabbergasted a week ago when I was at a local amusement park’s Halloween themed festivities. This park is geared at the younger set - there’s very few rides you must be more than 38" tall to ride. There was a girl, couldn’t have been more than 10 years old if that, wearing some sort of sexy get-up, complete with what would have been a mini skirt (had it fit properly), a bustier, fishnets, and do-me high heels. She could barely walk in the shoes. So there are parents out there allowing “Slutoween” costumes for the younger set. On the other hand, that was the only trashy costume I saw all day.

My oldest is 4yrs old, and is dressing as an angel. (her idea) When I went browsing for costume pictures, I found a rather trashy angel costume in toddler sizes. I made her costume, and her sister’s (devil). As all costumes, they’ve been designed with the potential for a snowy trick-or-treat in mind. No exposed flesh other than hands and face.

And here I was thinking her preschool teacher was over the top last year when she oversaw the 3yr olds’ Halloween party as Little Red Riding Hood. Did you know Little Red wore a red mini skirt and thigh high black boots?
Preschoolers, and their teachers (while on duty) should not be Hawt.

Tell that to TheKid. Last year we were at Party Warehouse or whatever it’s called to look for costumes. The only non-risque “Teen” costume was that for a nun. Alongside of that one was a ‘trashy’ nun costume.

I look at costumes like these:
Army Brat Teen
Purr-Fect Kitty
Trashy Prisoner of Love
And just say NO. There is NO way she is leaving the house either to go trick or treating OR to a party dressed like any of those.

Luckily this year she just wants a tutu - one of the super stiff ones . A Teen in a Tutu is her costume. Hoo-kay.

I noticed this a few years ago, actually as soon as my 8 year old son was old enough to go trick or treating; teen and pre-teen girls dressing like prostitutes for Halloween. I eventually figured out that some of them, at least, weren’t supposed to be streetwalkers but were actually dressed up as Britney, Christina, Shakira or whoever the famous female singer of the moment was. From what I’ve read above I guess Hannah Montana will be the equivalent costume this year.

I often wonder where these kids’ parents are when they get ready to go out.

Like other people above I haven’t run into the Moms dressing slutty on Halloween, I really can’t picture that happening in our area, for a variety of reasons (maybe a slight carryover of Puritan values?). As other people have said if the Moms dress up at all for trick or treating it is usually pretty tame. Halloween parties just for grownups aren’t known in our social circle.

I’ve never heard of Slutoween before, but I want to celebrate it right now.

“Puritan values?” I don’t think we need to go that far. How 'bout–it’s cold, and no one wants to see my post-pregnancy midriff and thighs anyhow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s not make any hasty assumptions…


Course that doesn’t really excuse elementary schoolers.

It ain’t just halloween, either.

My buddy and his, umm… hate to use the word but… babymomma were buying clothes for their 5yo to go to kindergarten. The mom (who has been known to flaunt wotshegot) kept calling the clothes ‘hussey’ clothes. They had a helluva time finding something good looking but appropriate for school.

I live near Boston, I couldn’t even buy beer on Sunday until a couple of years ago.

The lady who wrote the article linked in the OP obviously lives somewhere where she does see slutty-dressed housewives on Halloween.

I’ve got a boy. I dodged this bullit.

As a college guy I LLOOVVEESS it. Its the one time all the hot girls dress very revealingly and the girls who you would never know could be very attractive dress revealing and sexy and BAM their smoking hot…

It’s a great holiday… for girls 17+ (minimum age defined by the age of consent in your locality) :dubious:

Is it really, though? People seem to dress fairly revealingly…at most bars on a Friday or Sat night, girls are wearing just as much (or rather, as little) as they are on Halloween, it seems.