Doper prom picture thread

We’ve had the SFW pictures thread, the NSFW picture thread, cats, dogs, etc. Let’s have a prom (or, if you didn’t go to prom, wedding) picture thread. Go ahead, dig out that picture, scan it and show us your best prom/wedding pictures! I will start with my Junior Prom. If I can find a small copy print of my Senior prom, I will add it later.

laugh That’s gorgeous!

Sadly, we don’t do the Prom thing here, so I can’t share, but *if *I can find the photos of my Year 12 graduation day I’ll scan them instead. (We wear ‘dressy’ clothes for it … and you can feel the full blast of 1990 when you look at mine.)

Definitely find & scan those pics! I came across this picture while looking for something else earlier and couldn’t resist uploading it.

My prom night was so many years ago, I think photography was that new-fangled gadget invented by the French.

So, here are my wedding (well, domestic-partnership) photos. You have been warned…

the happy couple

my favorite

the wedding party

our friends

Freyr, what a beautiful happy couple you are! Thank you for sharing those!

Here’s mine! 1989

This should be a fun thread!

I have a photo from my girlfriend’s prom. Debbie Shay with her feathered hair and me with my arms around her, cute as can be. I ***could ***scan and upload it to flickr or photbucket…

Unfortunately, if I posted it, I’d have to track down everyone who viewed the image and kill them. Sorry. :frowning:

Junior Prom 1994. Though we’re not as close as we used to be, he and I are still friends all these years later. The pink spots at the bottom are some sort of discoloration of the photo, I don’t have another copy at hand, sorry.

That chair you’re sitting on is so beautiful!

Ow, don’t hit me! I mean you’re beautiful. Seriously!

elfkin477 you look so happy and cute :slight_smile: I love those ballet slippers with a formal, how adorable is that?

Hockey Monkey – same year as mine! How funny is that? I like the colour of your dress!

Thanks :slight_smile: The ballett slippers were mostly in consideration of the fact that my date was younger and not too much taller than me, but it worked out rather nicely. Other girls with sore feet said they wished they’d thought of it too.

A parent pic just before prom in 1987.

Prom was… interesting. Not only was my date the tallest guy there, he was also one of the oldest at 20. We had wanted to rent a hotel room for the evening, but he was 2 days shy of that ability, so his parents showed up at my prom, dressed in ratty Tshirts and cutoffs, with a key for a room they rented for us.

(As gacky as it sounds, I was engaged to the doof a month before prom. His parents were pretty cool about everything - once we were engaged. My parents, OTOH, not so much. As far as they knew I stayed at a friends’ house)

I loved my prom dress. With all the electric colors of the late 80’s, sparkles, sequins, hairspray… my simple black dress, braided hair, and my moms pearls were so “me”.

At my HS, you had to have a date to go to the prom, so no photos of me for this thread.

People should just post the photo and let people guess the year by hair and cloting styles.

Wow, MissTake, what a coupla cuties! And boy, he is tall! I definitely need to scan my sr prom picture – my junior prom date was literally the shortest guy I have ever dated, so it’s funny that in my heels we are the same height in the picture (or close enough!). I did love those off-the-shoulder dresses, but they didn’t suit my style, lol.

And yeah - we were a pair. Me at 5’9"ish, him at 6’6"ish.

Freyr you married your twin brother?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if I can find a picture when I get home. I believe I may now, ten or so years later, be able to look at them without throwing up. Maybe. (I posted a much more humiliating picture in one “show me your awkward phase pictures” thread.)

Oh Geez!!

Prom, Circa 1996

Holy bat-poo, you’re bloody beautiful, I really mean that ::swoon::

Awwww, so serious! But what a cutie!