Doper Who Designs Book Covers?

I seem to remember there’s a Doper who designs book covers. I’m working on a story now and some time down the line I’d like to self publish. Anyone want to stand up so I can bookmark the website? Don’t hold your breath…I’m still on the first draft and have no idea how to end it, but I would like to have that website in my back pocket.

GuanoLad is the one you seek.

I highly recommend GuanoLad! He did the cover for my latest book Spindown, and I’m extremely pleased with his work.

My ears are burning.

Feel free to email me via the website Snowboarder Bo linked to, or DM me here if you like, which iiandyiiii did and it worked out well for him.

I’m fast and cheap. Unless you are wealthy, in which case I am careful and expensive.

Thank you! Website bookmarked.