Dopers and Political Connections

Are any of you an elected official? What office and what party? Are you the son/daughter/SO/distant relative/friend of an elected official?

Here are my connections:

My grandparents were friends of a couple in another town just down the road. The man in that relationship was the mayor of that town (Petersburg, IL) for many many many years. It was mostly an honorary position, but once, when talk of a dam on the Sangamon river surfaced, “Pete” had some choice things to say to about it and got himself in the news. He was a Republican.

A friend of mine from college works in a law firm where one of the senior partners is Jim Thompson, former Republican governor of Illinois.

When I was a kid, I was walking downtown past the Governor’s Mansion in Springfield, IL when I saw two Secret-Service looking guys with a young (10-ish) girl between them. Later I deduced that she was then-Governor Thompson’s daughter.

And I once shook then-Governor Thompson’s hand at the Illinois State Fair. I was 14-ish.

So, who on this board has better connections?

I am a direct decendant of James K. pol, the nations 12th president. I am not affliated with current politics.

My, bad, typo. James K. Polk

My dad ran for Congress last year, but didn’t win. During the campaign, I got to meet Lady Bird Johnson and her daughter Lynda.

I couldn’t get a traffic ticket fixed if I wanted to, but one of the US Representatives from Oregon I have known since he was 14. I worked for his dad (a former Representative in the Oregon state house himself)at the radio station they owned many years ago and have kept in touch since.

Thirtyfive years ago I went on a monthlong bus tour across the US with a number of other 17 year olds from various western states. One of those kids later married a guy who was elected to the US Senate from Wyoming. I have exchanged letters with her several times (Including one she wrote from a bus on the campaign trail) but have never met the Senator.

Have interviewed various senators, governers and such from Oregon and Washington on local radio, but that’s a positional thing and not one of personal knowledge or influence.

Once met Chip Carter, son of the ex-pres. when he was coming through Oregon on a campaign swing.

Other than that, not what you’d call connected in any sense of the word.

When I was in 3rd grade or so, we went on a field trip to the TX state capitol. We were being too loud, and then-treasurer Ann Richards came by and told us to pipe down. She later was elected Governor.

I went to high school with Laurence Summers, who was (until Bush came in) Secretary of the Treasury. I sent him a congratulations note when he was appointed and asked him to please stop redesigning the money.

I also had a brief, pleasant correspondence with Prince Charles about architecture a few years back, but I don’t guess he counts as an “elected” official . . .

My aunt Rose was a County Councilwoman for Montgomery County, Maryland for twelve years (1979-1991). As such, I’ve been introduced to Sid Kramer and Neil Potter (both former County Executives).

Pretty pathetic when compared to being a direct descendant of James Knox Polk, but it’s what I got.


I have close friends who work directly for the Lord Chancellor (Derry Irvine - kind of our Janet Reno (similar hair styles, also)) in his capacity as Head Of Chambers (top dog in a set of barristers Chambers).

That is also the Set at which Tony and Cherrie Blair met and worked before they got married. Derry Irvine has always been Blairs mentor / guru guy and remains one of his most influential advisors.

I imagine Tony Blair would count as fairly influential on the thrust of Bush’s foreign policy – assuming he has one.

And Bush is close to Gawd so I’ll give you all a wave on your way down.

Summers was appointed President of Harvard yesterday–now you have a connection with real power…