Dopers Do An Outlet Mall!

As I type this, BunnyGirl is on her way to my house. We’re going shopping at the Birch Run Outlet Mall.

Two Doper Females, a little cash, and an outlet mall.

Have no fear, though. The explosion you’ll be hearing, and the mushroom cloud that follows will most likely just be my ATM card. :smiley:

i’m sure there are many shoes shaking in thier boxes at the thought of this outing.


Ohh, now I’m jealous. I love going to Birch Run. The place is absolutely huge and always way overcrowded, but you can get some really great deals at the shops. Have fun, Persephone and Bunnygirl. When you max out your credit card, think fondly of me :slight_smile:

Oh boy, did we have fun!

Deals, deals, deals. I am currently wearing a nice little sweater thingy that I got for $7. The original price was–hold on to your hats–$68. IMHO, that’s ridiculous. I could have picked up something identical to it at Target for somewhere between $10 & $20. Anyway, it had been marked down to half off, $34.99. But it was on a clearance rack for 75% off. Then everything in the store was 30% off. Sweet, huh?

I also got a couple of nice turtlenecks (BunnyGirl, I was right about the white one looking great with the green sweater!), some shoes, a really nice jacket, and some shoes for the kids (got a pair of Fila’s for my son–$8).

BunnyGirl scored some pretty sweet deals too. I’ll let her tell you about them, though. Just wait until you hear about…THE BOOTS.

It took me forever to find this thread!

I bought red cowboy boots. Yes, freakin’ flaming red ones. With a squared off toe. with a red dyed pony skin top and a red leather foot part. They are awesome.

Pers, I wore them on Monday with my denim skirt and I must say, they looked stunning. I felt very cool all day. I even found a pair of pants that fit over the shank (black ones, no less).

Deals, deals, deals. Boy, did we get the deals. I got a pair of Fila running pants for $10 and a cute running top for $5. Did my yoga in them yesterday and they worked well. Plus, got a little of this, a little of that. Much fun, much talking, much exclaiming about our “finds”.

Too much fun in one day - too bad we didn’t have more time! :slight_smile:

i love all malls, i have been to gurnee mills twice and there is a prime outlets(lighthouse place) in michigan city that i go to.