Dopers in Amsterdam or Prague, help!

I just got back from an incredible tour of Europe with a friend and my boyfriend. A couple of cities into it, my man decided he should remember the trip by buying something in each city we went through. He chose to get magnets for his fridge; unfortunately, we’d already zipped through Amsterdam and Prague and couldn’t go back.

I wanted to surprise him with a gift of magnets from the missing cities, but I’m having no luck searching online.

Anyone who knows where I should be looking online for this sort of thing, please help! Or if you live in one of these cities and could pick one up for me, I’d pay you (of course) and be forever grateful. I have an idea what I’m looking for, but I’ll wait to see if anyone is interested in helping me out before I start placing orders. :slight_smile:


Magents from Holland (I think Amsterdam is in Holland, isn’t it?)

More Holland souvenirs including magnets.

Can’t help you with Prague. Sorry.