Dopers in Iowa/Illinois are you okay?

We got hit yesterday and last night with something horrible.
I had just got done reading the thundersnow thread and thought wow, it’s been a while since we’ve had that.
Around 4pm yesterday our power went out.
Now my husband and mother in law know why I insisted on a gas stove. I was still able to cook dinner.
We ate by the camping lantern and I was upset to find I was out of lamp light oil for my hurricane lamp but we have lots of candles.
About 8 or 9 the thunder and lightning started, and that’s when we ended up with all the kids in our bed.
Power came on around 10 in our area but there are still areas without and our emergency shelters are opening and they called my husband and some in his national guard unit so they could take out generators to some of the smaller towns.
We have on smaller town that only has an hour left of water so not sure what they will do about that.
Most churches are closed this morning.

I’m in the Quad Cities area in Davenport on the Iowa side of the river and was just wondering and hoping that my fellow dopers in the midwest are safe.

Suburban Chicago here. It was VERY heavy “heart attack” snow, but no big deal. It’s supposed to rain and melt most of what fell here. Hope you get your power back soon!

City Chicago here. It was sort of funny. Last night my son and I were indugling in Pop Rocks, and annoying his father, who was sitting between us, with our snaps and pops, (not the mention the crackles, but this isn’t about breakfast cereal.) Finally we cut it out, but the noise didn’t stop. Confused, we looked on the floor for spilled Pop Rocks, only to discover the sound was coming from outside the windows.

Yep, apparently icing sounds like Pop Rocks. Who knew? Not snow or rain, but ICE was falling. Or maybe it was water that froze on contact? Not sure exactly.Everything was coated with about half an inch of ice, even vertical surfaces like our windows. WhyDad and I canceled our plans to go out, as it seemed driving might be tricky. The power didn’t go out or anything, though.

Seems like it’s mostly melted away this morning. But I think I’ll still use it as an excuse to put grocery shopping off until tomorrow. :wink:

I’m in Chicago too. I’ve never seen anything like what was falling last night. When I walked my dog around 8, it was like hard little pellets of ice were hitting me (sleet storm), but the ground was covered in snow (snow storm), not ice. I looked at a tree and its branches were solid ice (ice storm). Then, by the time I went in I was completely soaked as if I had just stood in the pouring rain for a half hour (plain ol’ rain storm).
It’s like nature couldn’t make up its mind about what kind of precipitation to throw at us last night.

Northwest Chicago 'burbs here, too - we’re all good, thanks for asking. As WhyNot said, there were some interesting sound effects there for awhile - it was like itty-bitty hail. The winds were kind of rowdy too, and late last night we had a couple of little power flickers, but nothing went out. Sounds like you got it far worse than we did, Kricket - hope everything that’s down comes back up fast for you and yours.

I’ve friends in mid-to-Northern Wisconsin who got buried in FEET of snow, though, and one had a window actually blow in from the wind, so may I hijack just a tad and ask Wisconsin Dopers to check in too?

We had power out for about 19 hours. It was only confined to a couple of blocks, but my house was right in the middle of it.

Despite being terribly bored, and having enormous branches from our oak tree scattered around the yard, there was no real damage dealt.

I guess I should mention that I’m in Ottumwa, IA, rather than Ames. If that means anything to anyone.

Have you ever mentioned that to anyone and NOT had them ask about Radar? :smiley:

Just talked to my husband and it’s a one day supply of water because the power is out to their water plant.
Snow is supposed to be moving in next.
It was so odd out last night when I went to let the dogs out. Just eerie and odd.
You couldn’t see out of the windows on the front of the house and it got chilly pretty quickly.

Kind of off topic but when the storm hit the first thing I went to do was call my grandmother and check on her. She lived about 20 minutes from me in my home town and I miss her horribly.
She was my mom because my mother failed and I still have a hard time with her being gone and it’s been almost two years.

Tom Arnold always steals his thunder.

Southern Chicago - wasn’t too bad, but for a few hours it was pretty intense, with all the thunder and lightening and ice falling out of the sky. A friend of mine went to the western suburbs and apparently it was much worse out there.

I was in a wedding in Joliet last night and pretty much everybody showed, despite the weather. It was really messy, but from what I can tell everyone remained safe and we all had a good time. When I left the mansion to go to the hotel at about midnight, the roads were kinda crappy but I’ve endured much worse.

Johnson Creek, WI. here.

This morning. This is all from the last two days, as all the snow we did have had melted off by Friday morning.

The guy in the pic is 6’3"

Hm, linky no worky. Tried copying and pasting, tried taking out the “new” and got all your photos of dogs and horses and a wedding (?) but no snow. Weird.

Up in central WI here. Snow is up to my knees. We won’t be getting out anytime soon because I’m too backlogged with work to take the time to shovel us out, and Mr. S just had hernia surgery so he can’t do it. I did shovel out a small path so our poor arthritic 13-year-old shepherd doesn’t have to try to bound through the drifts to pee and poop. (The springers are younger and healthier; they can handle it.) Hopefully his brother can come and blow us out after the snow stops.

We’re low on milk and out of bread (but we’ve got lots of deli meat – I asked Mr. S to pick up stuff for sammiches the other day but he forgot bread :rolleyes: ). Not much for soup fixin’s. But plenty of baking fixin’s. I hear we’ll be having fresh cornbread later. Maybe I can talk him into whipping up a batch of cookies.

Des Moines area - not too bad here. I was getting worried about the ice build-up yesterday but we went and shoveled out about an hour ago. The bottom ice layer has melted nicely (although I hear the wind picking up again now - we may get a bit more). No power outage, food supplies holding up, although we are down to our last frozen pizza.

So, all in all we are way better off than Iowans north of Ames. Looks like no snow day off from work for me tomorrow.

East Central Illinois here. The “snow” was more like a rather nasty sleet/frozen rain. Very annoying to walk and drive through, but nothing serious. No power outage or anything. My UPS didn’t even twitch.

NW Chicago burbs checking in. I love storms as long as I don’t have to drive in them or lose power, so this one was a treat, in a “Wow am I relieved I finished running errands and was tucked into the house just as it started” sort of way. Not sure we’re going to be able to free the cars from the ice until spring, though.

So glad I didn’t have a dog to show at IKC this year, especially with my penchant for breeds that prefer deserts to tundra!

Hm, linky no worky. Tried copying and pasting, tried taking out the “new” and got all your photos of dogs and horses and a wedding (?) but no snow. Weird. QUOTE]
Try this one

Far west 'burbs here. Last night it started with actual slush coming out of the sky. I was driving to Downers Grove to meet a couple friends, the roads were slushy, it was kind of an ice storm, but passable. It’s been dropping heavy wet snow all day, and I’m just about to get out and crank up the Toro to clean it off. because like **Kalhoun **said, this is heart attack snow, and I am not lifting and tossing this crud.

We never lost power though.

I was surprised how much snow was on the ground when I got back to DG today. They didn’t get nearly that much in Joliet.

St. Louis checking in. It rained most of Friday night and rained off & on Saturday, and we had a 30-minute sleet flurry today.