Dopers' opinions of Pulp Fiction (1994)?

Am curious to know what you guys, gals, and any trans members think of Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction?

I go back and forth on it myself. At one time it was my favorite movie of all time but as of late I feel it’s aged poorly.

What about you?

Well, wrt 90s movies overall, I feel they haven’t aged well; they had a certain “hip,” self-awareness (Natural Born Killers), or a kind self-righteous rectitude if they were a “morality piece” (I’m lookin’ at you, Dead Man Walking).
Pulp Fiction suffers somewhat from the first, though not as much as other contemporary pieces. I can still watch it, and enjoy it, without gritting my teeth.

Just saw it again a few days ago (in the form of a hacked up TV version.) Still stands up for me.

Natural Born Killers, which was self-indulgent to start with, has not aged well at all. It’s unwatchable for me now. And the whole “Isn’t the media the real monster?” bit feels like a “deep” lesson coming from a high school student these days.

On the other hand, still love Pulp Fiction. I showed it to my 18 year old son a few months back and he thought it was awesome. All the little retro touches can be a bit precious at times but also help make the movie more timeless from a setting standpoint. The dialogue and iconic scenes still hold up for me.

I still like it.

Still love it. Still wish it didn’t have Tarantino’s character and his “Dead n***** storage” speech.

It remains true to its Elmore Leonard roots - building story through character and dialogue. Remains easy and cool to quote.

I was just interviewing a kid out of college for a position. In describing what turnaround consultants do, I said “you know Pulp Fiction? They kill the kid by mistake when the car goes over a bump? Who do they call?” He easily replies “Mr. Wolf!” “Yeah - well, we’re Mr. Wolf in business situations.” “Ah - I get that.”

I didn’t care for it the first time I saw it; if you’re not used to Tarantino’s “out-of-order” storytelling it can be hard to follow. Subsequent viewings got me to figure it out, though.

As brilliant today as when I first saw it. I’ve seen it about ten times.

I’m not an actor or a film critic, but I play one in real-life. This movie was a masterpiece. It lifted the game for cinema. Superbly constructed and thought-out. Brilliantly cast. The soundtrack choices were expertly done. The script was the distillation of cool. Acting was just right. Bringing it all together under one single vision was an act that demonstrated greatness.

I think it’s one of the best movies of its decade, and one of the greatest of all time. It still holds up perfectly fine.

It’s one of those movies which now seems less original because it’s been endlessly copied. Take a look at the list of movies with non-linear narratives. There’s 1 or 2 per year until 1994, then it explodes in 1996 with 8 - 10 every year.

I think the fact that it’s still be discussed all these years later is proof that it’s a great movie. I think Tarantino is a brilliant film maker - he hasn’t made a film that I don’t like.

I don’t think he’s made a complete film since the Kill Bill’s. Parts are good, just not complete.

I like it about as much as I did in 94. I liked Resevoir Dogs better in the 90s and still do today.

It is very 90s but not in a dated way, more a comforting nostalgic way and I still enjoy it. It’s one of a few movies that I could probably just listen to because the dialogue is so great.

Still love it and watch when I find it on uncensored. Have two kids in their early 20’s who love it as well. “You sending the Wolf?” is in common use among friends when one of us goes above and beyond.

It’s everything Isamu says it is, and I really enjoy watching it…about every 5-10 years. Too many viewings makes me like it less and less.

I always preferred the Kill Bill movies, though. So shoot me.


Reddy Mercury, any trans members are either guys or gals, and as such there’s no reason to call them out separately. No reason, that is, except to be provocative, which I’m pretty sure is why you did so. This is an official Warning.

Basically, a damn good movie thats widely regarded as one of the best movies of 1994, the nineties and of all time.

I don’t consider it to have dated badly at all, no more so than any other movie made over twenty years ago.

I knew I was seeing something very special when I first saw it in 1994. Loved it then, love it just as much now.

It is my second favorite movie of all time.