Doper's SOS!

Maybe I’m alone on this, but I keep posting new threads in existing threads! This is because the SD Boards’ last version has the ability to start a new thread where it now says “post reply”. Yes, the “new thread” within an existing thread was an option, and now I do it subconsciously!

In short, Cecil and Crew ought to seriously consider ways in which a Charter Member can edit his/her own posts within the first 5 minutes after posting, as a suggestion. Or, you should have a way for one to get help from an Administrator ASAP for such SOS emergencies.

Is this being considered? Editing one’s posts, at least?

  • Jinx

I think you are talking about the ‘threaded’ view mode. I have mine switched on ‘linear’ so a post in the thread goes to the end of the thread.

But I agree that we should be able to edit our posts. For at least 5 minutes after creating them (that way we can’t go back and alter an op after unfavourable responses)

There is already a system in place for this. If you emailed every Mod and Admin, I bet you would get a response ASAP.

Also, as far as editing for mistakes and content, take the extra second to Preview Post. Make it a habit. If you try to start a new thread and notice, apon preview, that there are already a bunch of replies to your yet-to-be-posted thread and that these replies have nothing to do with your topic, then you’ll quickly realize your error. Then it’s as simple as copy/paste to make things right.

There is nothing that Editing Posts will do for us that taking two seconds to Preview and proof read can’t.

“T T T Taxi” ! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice, but NO! My issue here is that I have inadvertently started threads within an unrelated thread. I think I am starting a new thread because the SDBoards used to have this option WITHIN a thread. Now, they’ve taken it away, but my old habits remain…screwing everything up in the process.

If I could edit to remove my entire boo-boo before I upset everyone, it would be terrific. I think we’re all big boys and girls here to correct ourselves! Also, as for contacting a Moderator or Administrator…I’ve rarely been able to reach one fast enough.

Personally, I vote for some Charter Member rights, like editing my own posts within a brief time window. (I fail to see why this is such a big deal.) Afterall, membership has its privileges! :wink: - Jinx

Most of our policies have been formulated by experience. And unfortunately, our experience has taught us that because of abuse by a few, we cannot allow any of our users to edit their posts.

FTR, this is also why you can’t post images or use anything but vB coding.

Gotta go look at settings anyway, I’ll look into this as well.

your humble TubaDiva

Jinx, please give me an example of what you’re talking about.


your humble TubaDiva

He’s talking about the buttons at the top and bottom of the thread that say “Post Reply.” In our previous version of vB that button said “New Reply,” and right next to it was that said “New Thread” which permitted users to start new threads. Obviously, that button isn’t there any longer. And since he’s having trouble coping with that little change, he wants you guys to implement another - enable the edit feature for members. At least that’s how I understand what he’s saying.

Another possiblity, however, exists if Jinx is viewing threads in the “Threaded Mode” instead of our standard “Linear Mode.” In “Linear Mode” the posts are displayed in a strictly chronological fashion. In “Threaded Mode,” the threads appear as they do on the usenet; the posts within a thread are displayed in a hierarchical mode and a user may choose which post he’s responding to. It’s a giant pain in the ass to view threads this way, since each post requires a page load in order to view it.

Yeah, that’s it. I got into the habit of using this now-extinct feature of starting a new thread from within an existing thread…and now I can’t seem to break the habit. It happens whenever I am off-guard. I can’t believe I am the only Doper to be going suffering through this “withdrawl”. …Besides, if a Doper edits his/her thread within a 5-minute window, you’re experience shows the Boards will crash, or something? 5-minutes? You’ve really tested this “brief-window for editing” scenario?

Not sure how to switch modes, and it doesn’t sound good. Sounds like shock therapy treatment to help me remember! …I’ll just have to be more careful about my impulse to post a new thread!

Thanks, y’all! From this point on, nothing can go wrong, go wrong, go wrong…!

  • Jinx

Near the top right corner, immediately above the join date, etc. of the thread starter, is a thing that says “Display Modes.” Click that and you’ll see several options; none of which I recommend except the default “Linear Mode.”

I don’t think a board-wide test has ever been done, but I can tell you that, as a moderator, when I would edit posts, it took significantly longer for the changes to go through than when just making an entirely new post. This is, of course, an anecdotal evidence only. Nor do I have any idea why that might be.

I have to agree with the previous poster. If you make it a habit to always hit “preview post” this will rarely happen. You’ll catch the mistake before you accidentally hit “submit reply,” and then all you need to do is copy your post and go to the original forum to start your thread. We don’t need a new feature to establish an editing window–that’s what preview is for!

However, when this does happen, I don’t see why a mod shouldn’t be able to delete the post. I’ve noticed duplicate posts a lot, that serve no purpose but to waste space and time.

I thought it was because it was more strain on the hamsters to delete than to let it simply exist.