Dopers Start Your VCR's

for one of our own…well Canadian dopers anyhow. Our very own Elenfair will be on “Dogs With Jobs”, on the Life Network in Canada this week with her service dog Valen. According to the “Dogs with Jobs” web site this show is shown on the Oxygen and PBS networks in the states so ask them when it will be shown there. Now the important stuff, it will be shown at 9:30 PM (all times Eastern) Wednesday May 1st, 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM, and 7:30 PM on Saturday May 4th.


Is this a series of some sort?

I just searched my PBS station ( and got hits for “Dogs with Jobs” that aired in December of 2000. No current hits.

It’s not currently listed with at my local PBS station, dammit.