Dopers - What Political Persuasion?

I get the feeling that most of the heavy posters in the Pit or in GD lean a wee bit to the left.

How do you think the active Doper population breaks down between… ?

Loony Libs
Thoughtful Libs
Right down the middle
Thoughtful Conservatives
Right-wing Extremists

Yeah…just a wee bit.

I still consider myself to be a moderate, somewhere in the middle. Feel free to call me on it though. How we see ourselves isn’t alway how others see us.

I’d say the dope leans towards the thoughtful sides of politics overall. We’ve a few hardcore nuts, but we tend to be reasonable overall.

Why is this in the Pit?

Anyhow, what Harborwolf said. I generally find conservatives and socialists to be annoying and thoughtless, and the vapid middle to be a Ziploc bag full of last week’s sound bites, and speaking as a radical anarchist I’ll freely admit that most anarchists spout opinions that a 3rd grader could poke holes in, and put their fingers in their ears when you call them on it.

Not on this board. Not only will you find every political stripe in here, you’ll learn from those who defend them, whether you end up agreeing with them or not.

My unscientific observation is that the board leans to the left somewhat, although there’s a pretty strong libertarian contingent. Bush-supporters are in a very small minority.

But I’ll agree with what’s been said, that the common thread on the dope is that there’s more intelligent debate here than I’ve seen anywhere else, including the round table discussions on television.

Whatever I am, a president hasn’t been elected in my time who represents me at all.
That said, I consider myself a middle of the roader.

Heavens to Betsy. You shouldn’t ask people to self-identify. You’ll find this place full of nothing but thoughtful moderates (which I clearly am) or thoughtful (but ever so slightly) liberals and conservatives.

It’s no coincidence that a board dedicated to fighting ignorance leans to the left. The purpose of this place is to cut through the bullshit.

Yeah, I said it. <shrug>

The board is definitely left-leaning. However, there are several well-spoken, intelligent conservatives as well.

I avoid political threads for the most part, because whatever my opinion is on a subject, someone else has already expressed more eloquently than I ever could.

Cripes. This post is so transparent I almost couldn’t read it.

Once you become a member (and you will), you’ll be able to search and pull up threads like this one.

This has been discussed many, many times; you’ve seen some of the oft-repeated themes here already though, such as World Eater’s sort of broadmindedness.
furt (batshit loony extremist)

I’m a conservative Democrat. Try getting most of the people to the left of THAT to understand it. Just a few minutes ago, rjung, who definitely skews somewhere to the left of the Loony Libs(and is quite proud of it) classified me as the “Extreme Right”. :smiley: I’m guessing that Mars looks like it’s practically in Sol’s corona from Pluto too.

Wrong forum, and someone’s provided a link to a previous thread. Closing this thread.

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