Dopers who are/were also 'Stoners, check in here!

Heh. Ok, put down the bong, folks, I’m talking about Gemstone IV, the online role-playing game!


Over in this thread: I stumbled across a mention of it, and figured there’s gotta be more players around. So here we are.

Who else plays this?

For those who don’t, it’s a text-based massively-multiplayer (at least 200 at any given moment) online role-playing game, in a sword-and-sorcery type world. You get to make a character, train them as anything from a wizard to a warrior, and interact with other people’s characters and the critters and stuff in the game world.

It’s tons of fun.

I first found out about it many years ago, when AOL picked it up and started advertising. Played it for a year or two, then dumped it. Eventually dumped AOL too, but that’s a thread for another forum!

Anyway, 'bout a year ago I looked it up again just as they were ‘upgrading’ from Gemstone III (it’s just a number folks, same basic game). Took my trial period, and boom, I was hooked!

My main character is a bard, swings a sword and slings a song, and a master of magical items of all sorts. Based him pretty much on myself, and the character’s grown over the years into a couple other forms…

Also got a wizard, 'cuz magic is fun. Got me a cleric, and a thief, and a ranger, too, but don’t play them as much.

Er… yeah. Gemstone. So, who else plays? Whatcha like, what dontcha like, whatcha wanna like? Tips, tricks, secrets? How did you manage to quit playing?! q;}

Here I thought you were asking about this Stone. Nobody recognizes that one. :frowning:

Lynn Bodoni pulled me in, and I played for a little over a year. It was fun, but too addictive, and when I found I was spending more time on it than I wanted, I quite cold turkey.

I played for about a year. Had a paladin who got some decent advancement, but then AOL stopped carrying it. A couple years later, I stopped carrying AOL, but then EQ was all the rage, and I tried that. And that pretty much burned out my interest in MMORPGs until World of Warcraft was announced.

I thought I’d have something to contribute here … but it turns out it’s a game. Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving.

picks bong back up

I know there are some gemstoners here, somewhere. We should all meet up in game sometime. My main character is a little forest gnome ranger, but I also have an empath who I play with a lot. My other characters, who are sadly neglected are a sorceress, a bard, and a warrior. I’ve been playing a bit less than a year, and it’s been loads of fun. Some of the interactions are amazing, but if you don’t play, I’d only sound like I was babbling so much gibberish if I got started, so I won’t.