Dopers who long to kill, or fantasize about killing, certain groups of strangers

I’m not sure if any Dopers have out-and-out stated that they want to kill strangers due to political ideology or some other categorization, but at least a few have, IMO, given strong indications that they secretly long to kill, or fantasize about killing, certain groups of Americans (or others). I suspect this isn’t a terribly uncommon feeling – we live in a society that glorifies violence in a lot of ways.

This recent post from Stuntman Mike comes to mind:

And these from HurricaneDitka:

Any other Dopers that you think have given indications that they secretly long to kill, or fantasize about killing, some of their fellow citizens?

Just do a search on “militia AND tyranny” and you’ll find quite a few more. That’s how they describe and justify it to themselves, not that they will directly admit fantasizing about killing cops, even though that’s what it would be.

BPC, asahi, The Librarian

Nobody I can think of off the top of my head.

Children often create fantasies where they have more power than in real life, especially if they are feeling vulnerable. The same may be true for certain kinds of brain damage or mental illness.

I’ll note for the record that children are not allowed to post here.

Two of those are obvious hyperbole, unlike the quotes in the OP.

Meh, 2/4 I’d say. It’s really pretty difficult to construe those hyperbolic jokes by BPC & The Librarian as indicative of fantasies about actual violence. Are you suggesting that BPC really fantasizes about using nuclear weapons against schools, or that The Librarian fantasizes about aborting babies because of the nasty people they might become?

I’m not sure HD’s are decidedly worse. I don’t know if there’s consensus on what the McVeigh one means exactly; I’m somewhat aware it was controversial. The other two seem more hypothetical. Rhetoric contained in the latter is troubling, and may have been intended to get under the skin of others rather than reflect a fantasy.

Based on how BPC posts, it’s hard to tell. Read his other posts in the thread(s).

I’m not sure about HD specifically, but I tend to take fantasies of violence from people rather more seriously when they are strong advocates of private gun ownership and when they discuss how and when they might (or do) use their guns. It’s kind of like how you’d take someone’s threat of suicide more seriously if they have researched and obtained the means to kill themselves.

Those quotes by HD do not say what you think.

Well Homicidal Ideation is an extremely common thing.

Are you asking about people that fantasize about killing specific groups of people, albeit strangers, or just fantasizing about killing any group of strangers?

If there were an all-out civil war, I sure as shit wouldn’t be making any confident bets. The scariest weapons wielding motherfuckers I know are not red-voters, that is for sure.

At any rate, stupid thoughts all around for sure. Why would you even talk like this? Just stupid, my side’s dick is bigger than yours macho posturing.

Decided to promote yourself to board commissar, eh? This is a good start. Begin by othering some easy targets. Soon, you’ll be playing the big game and have people questioning who is politically reliable and truly committed to the cause. When you were just a finger-wagging weenie for whom everything was about racism, you were just a BigT style annoyance. This thread, and you, actively disgust me.

You’ve decided to crawl out from under your rock again, huh, after running away for a couple of months after you embarrassed yourself asking people to pay you to leave? You’re really too pathetic for insults from you to have any bite.

Any and all of the above, if you like. Anything you’d like to link to if you think a Doper appears to be longing for, or fantasizing about, killing others.

And we’d been getting along so well lately! Apologies if highlighting some posts that, in my opinion, are very disturbing, fills you with “disgust”. Seems like a reasonable thing to me, but YMMV. No need to participate if you either disagree about these posts, or don’t think it’s important or interesting to point out posts that you believe indicate longing or fantasies of deadly violence.

And I’ll note that (by my memory) you’ve very rarely, if ever, specifically criticized or even attempted to refute any specific argument I’ve made. It’s always, or nearly always, some sort of broad, non-specific criticism like this one about some larger point that you appear to believe I’m making (but which usually is only in your mind, not actually in my posts), rather than my individual arguments. This is a shame – perhaps if you put some effort into reading the specific points I make, and then trying to refute any that you disagreed with, we could have some real discussion. I’ve certainly had plenty of real, substantive, and interesting discussions with conservatives and others who have disagreed with specific things I’ve said on this board, and I’d be thrilled to add you to that list. It’s up to you if you’d like to participate.

Telling someone that they disgust you may not be as big an insult as you’d hope

The (instant and painless) death of Trump voters

Holy shit! :eek: I missed that one.

Have people gotten the message to Velocity that the platform is basically health care, education and addressing climate change, and not “Vote Donkey Party 2020 for Tens of Millions of Painless Deaths”? Jesus.

I’ll tell on myself as I’ve made no secret of the fact that it occurs to me on a regular basis that rounding up the 500-1000 or so wealthiest shitbags on the planet and sending them on a one way lunar cruise would likely result in a huge net benefit to the entire biosphere. I’m not a monster, though, I’d be okay with letting them divest themselves of their billions instead and be poor instead of sucking vacuum. Bet five bucks none of them would do it, though–when you get to that level you pretty much consider yourself invulnerable and are incapable of imagining life without your enormous cushion of money and privilege.

I have a feeling there are many Americans who are into ‘execution fantasy’. They become aroused whenever they think of someone being executed (or better yet, imagine themselves doing it themselves – legally, or extra-legally), and I suspect many of them ‘fantasize to completion’.

At least that’s the impression they give with their bloodthirsty rants.