Dorian Gray is...

Without Googling, give your answer.

A character created by Oscar Wilde who was eternally gorgeous (and foppish), and the secret to his youth and gorgeousity :slight_smile: was a painting hidden in the attic that aged instead of him.

A character in an Oscar Wilde book who has a special portrait of himself. He looks young and beautiful, while the portrait ages and looks horrifying as it portrays the effects of all his vices.

Embarrassingly I learned this from “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen,” and not even the graphic novel.

Ha ha, that’s lame!

me too

Gary Larson had a wonderful take on this as ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray and his Dog’.

That’s ok, I learned it from a Far Side cartoon.

Also, Liz Phair has a great lyric referencing Dorian Gray in her song HWC.

In case you don’t know, HWC stands for Hot White Cum

I’ve read a condensed version of it, but the only reason I remember the name is the same as both of yours.

And I was sure I got it wrong:

With the ability to choose more than one answer, I assumed it must be more than one thing, but there was no other option that jumped out at me.

Well that makes sense, considering he isn’t in the graphic novel. (I think there are references to him, though, and he might have been in a previous incarnation of The League, but as a character he isn’t in the first or second volumes. I haven’t read the third (I do own it, though) so I can’t say anything on that.)

At any rate, the inclusion of Dorian Gray is actually the only, and I mean only, thing good about the movie. Not neccesarily the implementation of him, just that he was there.

(And the inclusion of Tom Sawyer, all grown up and as some sort of secret agent from America was one of the dumberst additions…along with the car…and Mina being a vampire.)

Me three.:smack:

Can I ask for the reason for this poll?

DG was one of my favorite stories by OW. Good stuffs.

Since all but one were color related I guessed the name of a character.

Are the other things called “Dorian Gray”, too? I’m a bit puzzled as to what responses were expected here.

To be fair, I *did *encounter a color called “Dorian Gray” when we were redecorating. Yes, really.

I wrote a novel. I had a quick little exchange between the main character and another character she hadn’t seen in some time, where he told her she didn’t age, she laughed and said no but she had a photo in a closet she was afraid to look at, and he didn’t get it.

My editor wrote: “I don’t get it either, what does this mean?”

She has a master’s degree in comparative literature (same degree I have, but hers is from an Ivy League college and she got Latin honors). And she didn’t get it?

So I just wondered how many people got it, because I assumed everybody would. And Dopers have not let me down.

PS, in the novel, I removed the exchange.

I’ve used that exact line on a couple of people I had not seen in ages, who had just complimented me on my youthful looks. They got the joke for sure. I think older people might remember the original movie.

This is why I love my co-workers. I have a snapshot from our wedding (early 1990s) that’s starting to fade, except the turquoise contacts I was featuring at the time. I’ve always described it as a f-ed up version of it. Few ever got it til I started working with other tech writers.

There’s a syndrome for that.

I’ll ask this here. Wasn’t he gay? I didn’t finish the book, but from what I read I thought he was gay. I do know the ending of the book. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie has him as a lady’s man.